Redesign The Siege Tank in HOTS please

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Hello Blizzard, i was just going to point out that the unit that i love the most from Terran is and has always been the Siege Tank, it is the most iconic, and best represents the "Terran Firepower", we dont need biological or techonogical prowess, we just need a good old Chunk of tanks killing everything on its path.

The Siege Tank of Starcraft 2, while balanced and pretty much always cost efficient, is not as iconic as the Tanks of Broodwar, first of all, their Siege Mode Art is still kind of unrefined "If you can please make an alternative siege mode art, please do it, the "rehauled one", never felt right for me, i mean in "Tank mode", it looks great but in siege mode it still looks weird". Aniway, now that you are going to be tweaking a lot of the units in sc2, please balance the tank like the good old days, where you could mass it, and could rain total destruction on enemy lines. Aka Redesign the unit.

Compensate in other parts and balance accordingly of course, sigh i just miss the good old days of hydralisk and dragoons melting, with like 30 siege tanks.

That was exciting in SC2, now you see normally like 6-8 tanks top
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if you had 30 tanks now you would melt everything too...
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there is an alarmingly high rate of fail in this post i can't even fathom where to start.

if you want brood war, it is still a perfectly playable and awesome game. I don't want brood war HD, i want sc2.
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The siege mode was meant to portray an alternate form of firing hard projectile munitions other than the typical gunpowder-down-a-barrel approach. In fact back when the Qbert design tank got a FAIL from the people on here I posted that the Blizzard people need to think about what the siege mode weapon should be using to launch its rounds and wrap the image around that concept.

They paid attention.
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@OP: What?! No! It looks amazing.
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06/01/2011 05:33 PMPosted by FxAHector
with like 30 siege tanks.

06/01/2011 05:33 PMPosted by FxAHector
That was exciting in SC2,

06/01/2011 05:33 PMPosted by FxAHector
now you see normally like 6-8 tanks top

no men, now you see REAL STRATEGY...
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now you see a billion banelings
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I like the SC2 Siege Tanks.
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The only reason siege tanks were so heavily used in BW was because the other Terran units were pretty useless. There weren't a whole lot of alternatives to mech in the later stages of Starcraft's evolution. Now they have effective infantry, better dropships, better air units, they can get away with being more mobile. There are also more ways to "counter" mass tanks, so they've stopped being the bread and butter and gone back to what they were supposed to be: fire support and siege units.

I agree about the art though. The new tanks are just a little too high-tech for my taste. Terran technology advanced that far in less than a decade? I liked the sort of rusty, industrial motif they had. The old tank just put down its stabilizers, the whole cannon pulled back into the turret and the other cannon came out, ready to fire. Now their treads separate and the whole thing props up and the cannon goes all Transformers and opens into some weird glowy cyberpunk thing. Just seems too complex and over-the-top.
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You're talking about Seige Tank spreading its legs to get in Seige Mode, right? I mean, why spread the legs? Is it because of Mengsk?
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Does any one else remember the WoL alpha build siege tank? The one that kind of looked like it was puckering up in siege mode?

Compared to that, the current "pizza launcher" siege tank looks fabulous. XD

Oh yes, and siege tanks simply cannot have the firepower they did in BW (75 damage +5 per up, all targets) and be balanced. They needed that firepower because they'd shatter like glass if anyone managed to get something substantial across the no man's land, as they did not have any real tough units to cover them. Now they do have some tough units guarding them i.e. Maruaders and Thors so they simply can't have the firepower they used to for balance's sake.
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06/01/2011 05:42 PMPosted by Ankhotep
if you had 30 tanks now you would melt everything too...

Sir, The Broodlords would like to have a word with you, and the Immortals, and the Void Rays, AND the Carriers...
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its more cost effective in real life instead to spend additional resources fitting out each tank with stabilizers, you could just easily have the tracks spread in a X formation and Lock.

Agreed with most of what you said, except for this. It's actually less effective to spread tracks in an X formation to stabilize a vehicle, and easier to add stabilizers. Stabilizers would be way more practical and easy for maintenance and repair. If you mess with the tracks having moving parts, you have much more difficulty repairing something like that in real life. It's why you never see construction vehicles with tracks that spread out, it's just not practical.

The reason Blizzard made the tracks spread is pure aesthetics. It makes for a more defined and unique silhouette that separates it from any other unit in the game, and lets you easily recognize the difference between a sieged tank and an unsieged one.
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On that note, it says the Crucio Cannon is suppose to be stronger than the old tank's cannons (Arctilite Cannon) however Siege Breakers use the older model cannons and deal significantly more damage than a regular siege tank. Modified perhaps?

It's never really specified whether or not the Siege Breakers are Crucio or Arctilite. I mean it seems to point to them being Crucio, but just because they were ex Confederates doesn't mean they didn't go out and rob a Dominion armory for teh newer model tanks.

But all mercs use tech that is modified from the military standard to make them better, with the exception of the Spartan Company who just use the better UED Goliaths. The Siege breakers seem to have "overcharged" cannons, using some sorta ion launcher. I'd have to double check the game for the specifics, but needless to say they've been tweaked far and above the standard.
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