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This if for people to comment on some of the funniest matches they have played, ones that make you just wanna go *facepalm* and games that make you wonder about the stupidity fo some people. so pull up a spot in the bunker and share your tales.
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O.K. this was one of my first matches I ever played on multiplayer. it was in the practice leagues and we were on a novice stage (can't remember which) and I was going with an air-heavy army. the dude attacks my base with MASSES of zealots, only to be driven away by my MS, carriers and voids. (nothing special here, simple game mechanics at work) I decides to sit back and mass up because I thought he was going to get a large number of anti-air and an observer or two. man was I wrong, I got my 200 supply air army to his base and guess what I saw... no cyber core, no forge, only pylons, gateways, zealots and probes. by this time i had expanded to about 3 more bases to fund the constant carrier/void production. I took down the dude's main base and reached his natural expo, what I saw, was 1 lonely little cannon in the center of his mineral line. I think we can all guess what happens next (I had a 3/3/3 army and so did he) lemme tell ya, it was sad. the dude's idea of a perfect anti-air defense was 1 lonely little cannon. I didn't even bother killing it, i just took out the pylon then he GGed.
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I was on Lost Temple playing 2v2, probably a custom game within the first few months after the game's release... I was trying to do the make more then 15 (??) halucinations and control them achievement. So i made like 25 colossi hallucinations. I just walked in to the terran base (he had like 10 marines and 6 marauders), fired 1 row, he GGed and quit!
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Me and my buddy were on a losing streak(Bad day and I was randoming for giggles) And we had talked about the many planetary fortress rushes we had seen. I said I could pull it off no problem and tried that next game. I failed so hard that I finally had the EB done and CC floating over at like the 7-8 minute mark or so and not a SINGLE unit. I went in his base a loaded CC and popped planetary fortress. Turned out he had compleletly locked himself out of his base and was unable to have his units assist and by the time they spawned the fortress was not only complete but I had destroyed about every single probe and most of the nexus. Then I made my 2nd one and droppped it at his gateway. Best terran gameplay ever. Terran OP GG nerf QQ
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When I first played Zerg back in September or so I made 4 lings at the beginning of the game to scout, sent all of em into his base to find that he was veeeeeeery bad. He had 4 pylons powering his forge. Yes, his forge, that was all he had, this was before Forge FE was popular -- he just had made a forge without reason.

That isn't the best part, I proceed to attack his probes (he hadn't made any, so he had 6 and one was idle after building the heavily-pylon'd forge. He then, instead of GGing, tells me how overpowered Zerg is.

This was when I had first played Zerg, I probably walked in with those lings at 7 minutes or so ... I was beyond slow.

Basically, it was funny cuz of the rage at the end about how I cheesed him or something ... I don't understand his logic :P
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I was playing a random 3v3 just for fun, when I said "hi guys glhf" some guy in the opposite team started calling me names and bad language. Me (Terran) and one of my allies (Protoss) built a fast army of Marines maurauders... a bit later some tanks, and zealots and void rays. We rushed and destroyed the 3 bases by ourselves, since our other allie (Zerg) didn't do a thing during the entire game. The guy with the bad attitude said we used a noob strategie and left.
It was really funny to win to such a jerk.
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Worker rushed in a 3v3 Bronze league game with a buddy while our random team mate cannon rushed. We won.
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This one game I played today aginst 3v3 ZTT (us) vs TPT (them) somehow the protoss player had like 10 photon cannons up in my ally's base and we couldn't do anything cause i went for heavy eco and sent resorces to my zerg ally and he teched up early for seige tanks (this was when he didn't even have a tank yet) I had to bum rush the pylons with like 2 marauders and 6 marines (epic fail) but i noticed that he only had 2!!!! pylons powering all of them and it was spread out. we then tanked up and seiged up and took them out. he called gg but the other terran players turtled horribly. one had 6 starports with reactors doing nothing until i started attacking them and the other had 2 empty nuke silos and a decent force of marines and thors 10:1 they only had 2 seige tanks on the high ground. the one with starports only had like 20 vikings which epic failed aginst my and my allies combined army of seige tanks thors (insert whatever else you think we had at the 40 min mark) Earlier, i droped 2 medivacs behind his mineral lines and he didn't do squat and just watched his scvs die (all of them) then we just annilated them and one guy still went on playin the game makin supply depots at random spots just to piss us off. we even told him that it was the freaking end and it was just ugh. it finally took us another 10 mins just to find and kill them then it was GG fo real
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This one.

Guy tries to steal my gas, so I DT drop on his min line. The dialog is the best part
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Funny game and bm by McStupid. Did he get banned?
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Playing a 3v3 match on medium Platinum where our opponents sent their workers to rush us at the 2 minute mark. This, however, was only a distraction, as the terran opponent tried to land his CC into our based and turn into a PF.

Pretty funny game, all their workers were eventually killed and the PF was taken out by us just after it finished morphing. The guys had a sense of humour and we were all laughing, saying we were saving the replay. GG
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06/07/2011 03:34 PMPosted by SHADOW
Funny game and bm by McStupid. Did he get banned?

I reported him, but never followed up. I figured Blizzard would make the call.

Impersonating (saying he's related to) a Blizzard employee, and saying my wife should have a fire extinguisher when he comes to my house doesn't sit well with me. I know he can't get my personal info from his so called uncle working for Blizzard, but it doesn't mean he should get a free ride to harras myself or others.
Edited by Artisane on 6/7/2011 3:49 PM PDT
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played a 4v4 last patch. one of my allies went mass carriers.

so late game his mass carrier army is crushing the enemy in the northern part of district 10.
i do a double nuke on the bottum right gold because an enemy zerg had gotten it up with like 12 spore crawlers.

I ping where i am nuking and say stay away in allied chat.

he flies his carriers directly to the gold and sits on it.

Naturaly loses all f them to the nukes. He had the nerve to ask me why i didn't cancel them.

I think we still won that game.
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This one game i played was a zvz and me and the guy exchanged some unfriendly words with each other and even after the game proceeded to bash each other, but then after awhile we both started to wonder why we were hating each other and actually began to talk about game balance, we were both zerg players so we just talked trash on terran and protoss lolz so funny though how the atmsosphere of hate just turned to a regular conversation haha, eventually we both apologized and both said we were frustrated with all the losses we were sustaining lately. (their was a game term for that but dont remember)
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it was ZZZvZZZ 2 guys worker rush us and the other 6 pools and quit when they saw my Ultralisks xD
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PZvPZ like 20 mins ago
They proxied hatch and proxy gateway(failed)
my ally quit cause almost his probes taken out by the proxy hatch though.
I had fast expanded though so we had a high income so i jsut blocked off the ramp with spines and teched up to mutas
they tried to push 3 times but failed
i took my first several mutas to harass and found out that they had infesters(had to pull back cause of the infested marines)
i massed mutas till i had 20 and then took out econ at both expos and mains
but the i seriously guessed the number of infesters wrong (like 20 somethin)
he just burrowed the infesters and ran around throwing out the infested marines
It took me like 20 minutes to hunt all of them down (didn't even have overseers and he split them up)
in the end i actually got 3 achivements (carnage hall, zerglot, i see dead units) and i added the zerg player as a friend
It was one of the funniest, funnest and overall best games i have played ever
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3v3, I get hit with an early roach/gateway/marine push while I'm going fast banshees. Teammates come hold it off but I lose most of my base. Float my 2 starports over to my teammate and retech, then landed my OC and started re-econing after the pulled back.

Toss goes for mass collosus production, zerg goes for hydras (meh) and terran goes thor/marine. All is looking grim for my teammates until 12 cloaked banshees roll into the back of all 3 bases and start destroying workers. They come back to fend that off, so I snake over to the big battle and start sniping Collosi. And Thors.

I was on half a base all game but between my teammates being largely fine and banshees murdering all kinds of stuff we wore them down to a GG within 10 minutes
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I didn't know how to attack move for the first month this game was out. My buddy told me and it blew my mind. That was so long ago.
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