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Hydralisks-Possible upgrade to Hunter Killer?

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Hydralisk with a special ability to do a 360 shot with a range of 4. Useful for taking out units all around it. Think Predator but as a special ability. Still does the same ranged attack as a hydra.
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I love the idea for the Torrasque...i hope its between that and Brutalisk haha.
Fun replies guys! Keep it up!
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Really? I didn't see them.
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my ideas had been:
Flying Hydralisk of sorts and had good AA and hit multiple units.

A Hydralisk that can burrow (the one i made in Cortex RP looks like it has a crown on it :D), and it also has good ground attack
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Overlord upgrades!

Warlord: The Warlord has 4 armor and allows ranged units inside it to fire out of it.

Omegalord: The Omegalord has a cargo capacity of 16 and explodes upon death, releasing its bretheren inside of it at full health and causing AoE damage to air units.
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I think that they are going to have mercs (just like in sc2) and the hunter-killers will be the hydralisk for insted i woul like the see the hydras evole in to either...

1. specailisks
has a one time use ability that makes them do 2x damage to the kind of unit they are attacking
2. avengerlisks
gets 10+ health for eavery frendly unit in range that dies
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i always had an idea for a broodlord evo

Swarmlord: Fires broodlings with no time limit but has a lower attack damage of a Broodlord

and i guess they could bring up the swarm gaurdian file for the other evo

Swarm Guardian: A higher attack damge with splash damage but fires small acid-filled broodlings that die on contact
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I saw Them!!! No lie! they were in the moebius factor mission. start the mission on hard and at the VERY beginning where kerrigan is at the bottomleft part of the minimap when the mission starts.
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