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make the hybrids playable

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like one of the mutations they were spliced then mutated into that big bluish purple thing why cant the zerg have that
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They already announced they would make the Hybrids a 4th playable race in HotS, derp-tard
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the word hybrid isnt even on that page.

Anyway, im not sure they'd want to give hybrids lesser units (workers) and stuff. And then if they need resources, it further makes them seem limited. I realize deep down they technically do take resources.

In the end, im not sure they will directly make them a complete race, but we'll see.
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They should make a small side campaign where you play as the Hybrids, akin to the Zeratul missions in WoL. Kerrigan could be re-living these campaign missions by accessing the memories of a Hybrid corpse...directly reaching into its skull and merging her hand, partially, along with those lovely psionic abilities of hers so that she can learn her enemy.

Actually...going to make a more in depth post for this.
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06/13/2011 05:20 AMPosted by Neth

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they wont but keep whining about it though your comments are fun to read
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If they have the units and structures for it in the end, I wouldn't be opposed to them adding such a faction in the Map Editor....
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just no.
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Talk about OP units... Have you not played the Utter Darkness mission from the campaign?

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