A Fourth Race.

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If Blizzard were to implement a fourth race, be it hybrids, or other new species. Would you support/like/want this? Essentially a 'Yes' 'No' or 'Depends on race/how it balances with story and multiplayer'

I personally don't think they would but if they did, I would like it.
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It could be a neat idea, but they would have to implement a fourth race very carefully. One overpowered or underpowered unit could mess up the entire system.

EDIT: Also, they would need icons for Hybrid wins. I don't think there are enough Hybrids implemented yet to make ~10 icons.
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If the story does not finish on Legacy of the Void, Blizzard may implement a 4th race, but I highly doubt it.

I don't support the idea because with just the 3 races we have now all three are unique in every aspect, now, take a look at Warcaft III, both races orcs and humans are not too diferent and just like Jamin said, its very hard to balance 4 of them.
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What if the UED (or another Earth-borne force) were to come into the fray as a "faction" of Terran with different racial qualities? Like, maybe a UED faction could have Goliaths. It's a good way to justify the inclusion of WoL Campaign units.

Perhaps they could do the same for the Protoss and Zerg? With all the evolutionary stuff supposedly going on with the Zerg in HotS, would this not be plausible? As for Protoss, I'm not sure how to justify it.

If anyone has played any Command and Conquer games...like Red Alert or Generals, you'll know that each main "race" has branching sub-factions that are similar, but have specific specializations and weaknesses.
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It would make complete sense to make hybrids since that thing in the Brood War and Samir Duran and stuff but I would still play zerg. A new race would make the story line epic but zerg FTW! Yet it depends, they could make 2 new races, both hybrids of toss and zerg. Each thouh is more zerg/protoss. Like Ingenious Zerg race with toss technology ad infested looking protoss people and all 3 races have to woork together to beat the hybrids then zerg (like always) turns their backs and starts a crazy psycotic war.
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Nah, I don't think Blizzard can balance that many matchups well, while still making a unique 4th race. And even if they could, that time would be better spent on making new stuff for the 3 races already in.
Keep in mind that every race they add has to be balanced vs. all the other races already in the game, as well as having a fun mirror matchup.

So yeah, I don't want a 4th race.
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If it can be balanced, of course.
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I wish they would play around with the single player a bit more. One of the things I thought was slick about Frozen Throne was the inclusion of the naga as a playable-ish race. They don't need to work at balancing them because they are single player only. I loved the unique non-multiplayer terran units in WoL, so I think they could push that idea a little more and create some naga-esque single player only races which could be cool.
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I think I'd agree to making the hybrids a faction IF they were like the Naga in WCIII. Basically, design them with units, workers, and buildings with a tech tree for campaign only. Make them kinda the enemy faction so it's not just "random hybrids." Heck, maybe even put in a few missions AS the hybrids.

However, too many races makes it Dawn of War. And while fun, Dawn of War's balance was laughably bad.
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I think it makes sense to have a PURE robot race, like the Dark Templars were experimenting with crossing their technology with Terrans and it went against them?
(Just made that idea up, dont judge)

We'd have
Zerg: ALL Bio
Terran: Bio/Mech
Protoss: Bio/Mech
Robot: ALL Mech
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Coudln't be the Hydrib, that would be like adding the burning legion to Wc3:TFT, and any other race would jus seem to be there to fill empty space, I think, that for now it's impossible to logicly add any race to SC universe without completly destroying the balance or the story, making the Hybrid a playable race as the same problem as the burning legion, as a race they are absolutly too strong.
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as far as a 4th race goes how about a new ... or old group of terrains have the Dominion with the current setup for the Terrain and then have UED remnant or Confederate remnant give them marines Firebats medics and specter(just to put new ability's for on line play ) from rax. Goliath, tank, diamond back, and vulture from factory and sci vessel wraith drop ship BC and Valkyrie from star port. the tanks could match the old Brood war model and do less damage sence they are the old model and wraith would cost more than banshee or viking but it would kinda fill the role of both. maybe even alter the BC so dominion gets yamato gun and “the new” terrains get missile pod from campaign. love it, hate it what ever its just a thought.
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I think that the possibility for a 4th race would most likely be limited to a sub-race in campaign-only. Adding a 4th race to multiplayer is extremely difficult, not just in balancing but also in having new, unique, GOOD ideas for a complete race.

I also don't really like the idea of introducing "factions" simply because it wouldn't really have a StarCraft feel. Also, it's adding too many choices to the game, which takes down the fun of it.

I mean, the factions would just not have all the options necessary for each race as a whole, so it would just bore holes into just about every strategy. Or, if they added things, there would still be a generally "right" choice, one that's just stronger than another one.
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4th Race belongs in Warcraft 3, not Starcraft 2.
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all i c is +3 to 4 more yrs if another race is made
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4th race= HotS in 3-5 years due to balancing.
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Too much work for Blizzard. however I do support some form of sub factions for each race. They all have new artwork, but mainly the same units with a few exceptions.
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No. I dont want a war3 clone.
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