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A Fourth Race.

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I think 3 races works better for the multiplayer. If they wanted to try something new like that in single player and do something with a 4th race to play with or against in the single player, that might be ok... but ONLY if it doesn't result in me getting fewer Terran missions!

Tbh, what i'd really like to see is more Terran factions showing up. Why only 2 factions of humans at this point? What about the UED? And weren't there one or two others? I love the angle they took with having us play as Jim Raynor against Emperor Mengsk though.

Hopefully more Terran missions in general in future games.
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I don't believe a fourth race is the answer. Just new weapons, new upgrades, and new ships would be cool.
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I like the idea of a 4th race simply because it'd mean I'd have to do less PvPs.
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after reading his post, i have decided temps is a troll
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I would like to see a super micro intensive race. This race would build very few units, but each of their units would be very strong. So they would have to micro their armies like crazy, but because they don't build as many units microing their bases to build more units would take less effort
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They usually say "think outside the box"....maybe we should consider thinking inside someone else's box. Generals: Zero Hour and Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath have sub-factions. Maybe SC2 could use something like that in multiplayer? For example, you'd have vanilla Protoss, you'd have Tal-Darim, and some other faction. You'd have Dominion, Raider, and UED Terrans. You'd have Kerrigan, and two other Zerg factions (what if, somehow, some of Zasz's "wild" swarm survived somewhere?) They'd have variations in units, in terms of pricing, stats, abilities in some cases, and sometimes stuff may be replaced (e.g. one of the Protoss factions use Dragoons, who are more powerful, but lack a Blink) Even though we'd still have three races, we'd be able to get some more out of them.
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07/02/2011 12:31 PMPosted by TheFiend
I like the idea of a 4th race simply because it'd mean I'd have to do less PvPs.

And I like the faction idea, like look at Age of Empires there all almost the same but they have variations that could be taken advantage of.
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Blizzard is still trying to get 3 races balanced out.. A 4th race would be a very bad idea for EVERYBODY at this point
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Blizzard still needs to realise the 6th race they had planned for WC3.
Night Elves,
Burning Legion,
And then the never told race of people who would make us buy the game just to play this race, without being OP.

I like the 3 races in SC it seems right. Kinda like a tv show that just announces they are introducing a new character, most of the time it does not work out. Right now for these games and the future it is a good fit.
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Adding a 4th race is just not a good idea. Sub factions would be cool but would imbalance the game a lot and possibly remove a lot of the character to each race. With that said having the option of choosing which units to be used in the match would be epic. Think if each player built their own sub faction. I would use goliaths instead of thors. The price would have to be increased so they could keep their AA and AG attacks going at the same time. If not then leave them in with only the range increase. Also what if you could downgrade to drop ships and regain medics? Pretty epic if you ask me but hard to balance especially since you are not guaranteed to have the proper units thus decreasing each ones character.
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Maybe there could be a new race in the campaign to fight against, like the Naga in Warcraft. I don't think that adding a 4th playable race would be a good idea, though.
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Maybe there could be a new race in the campaign to fight against, like the Naga in Warcraft. I don't think that adding a 4th playable race would be a good idea, though.

I always wanted to play as the naga in multi though. If blizz were to add another race to the mix I would want to be able to fully utilize them in the game, not have them be a campaign exclusive unit more likely than not. Seems like a large amount of effort for an idea that wouldn't be fully utilized. Rather have them focus on fine tuning the races we have.
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Id like a new race, BUT unfortunately, this just might break the game. Not because of balancing, because 4 races could be done.
BUT, because a fourth race would be too cool for people to resist. 2/3 of the games you played would be against the new race. Soon it would just be 'XelnagaCraft'.
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and I don't want a clone of C&C and that !@@@ty genre, we play SC not CC, were men, not #%!s.
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no. horrible idea. its hard enough balancing 3 races...
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I am still dumb founded a new race was not in sc2, for fuqsake its been 11 years since sc1. IF you played sc1 youv played sc2. If there is not a huge change in the expo I won't be buying it.
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I think it should be the Geth from Mass Effect. That way we have someone to blame everything on :D.
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Not a good idea at all....

Too many people want a fourth race because war3 had it.. or they want to make it more like war3... this is STARCRAFT

A 4th race would be chaotic since everyone would want to play as them and its would just be new race vs new race all the time...(until 5 patches later they get nerfed due to some IMBA claim and people move on to the next so called OP race of the time)

and sub faction would also ruin the game... look what happend to C&C Generals... everyone went USA air because it was the strongest faction of the strongest race.

Similar to a terran faction specializing in air units with banshees starting with +1 attack when they are created... or having a armor heavy faction of zerg with all units having +2 armor to start. It would just make the whole game into a Rock Paper Scissors game with strict 1 faction beats another...
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i was thinking we should put a new race that was hybrids but that would be so much work and would change the game a whole lot and their would be so many more complains about imbalance
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