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Make a difficulty harder than brutal?

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For me, most of the difficulty I had with Brutal was due to approaching missions in the wrong manner.

Someone in this thread mentioned Supernova as being a difficult mission, and it definitely is if you intend to use Banshees. Funnily enough, this mission is easier than easy on Brutal by A-moving Thors. Seriously, give Thors a go on Supernova. You'll slap yourself for the difficulty you had on this mission when you first played it.

Or like Haven's Fall. It's a waste of units to try to save the settlements. Post up about 5 Siege Tanks on each entrance to your base, some Bunkers and Missile Turrets. Nothing gets through, and you can build your Vikings to critical mass instead of constantly having to replace them after saving settlements. Once you have critical mass of Vikings, you systematically push out and destroy the settlements one by one. As an amusing bonus, your Siege Tanks will have 1200+ kills by the end of the mission.

I agree though, for regular RTS players, Brutal is way too easy. Hopefully in HotS there is a little less of being spoon fed a new unit each level that happens to make that level 20x easier. Brood War had true difficulty in that, even though they gave you new units to help you, you still had to grind through huge enemy bases that put up a fight no matter what you used.
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Oddly enough I personally had little or no difficulty with "Welcome to the Jungle" on Brutal difficulty myself. I still haven't finished all the maps on brutal however, supernova in particular is unpleasantly difficult for me. I could probably get through it eventually if I'm willing to save/reload it enough times, but it's just not fun.

I personally do not think Brutal needs to be any harder than it already is. If they do include a harder difficulty, I think it should be done as a new and separate fourth difficulty level, not as a rescaling of the current system.

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Im still stuck on Valhalla Brutal but i guess they can kill us more....

Nightmare: As soon as the mission starts over 9000 units will rush at your pathetic base and steamroll you XD
This keeps happening till you somehow solve the mission.

Great idea or what????
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I think the harder missions on Brutal were almost too hard, but the majority, while almost challenging, might have been too simple if you did it right, and virtually trivial to someone with good macro, especially with the 'use this new unit' gimmicks almost every level had.

Some of the special mission achievements were harder than the brutal levels. I'd actually like to see more special mission achievements. Perhaps have 3 difficulty levels, but 4 or 5 special mission achievements for each mission, and have two of them be harder and more complex.

Some of the more disastrous aspects of brutal design was the timed levels. Many of those were very annoying and frustrating and un-fun on Brutal, not so much of a challenge once you figured out how to get things done in time, but more just being unforgiving.

I don't think Brutal really prepared me for multiplayer either, as even the acceptable macro needed for brutal is pathetic compared to the macro needed to do well in Ladder. They made Brutal challenging in the wrong areas for using the single player to help one train for the multi-player.

I'd like to see the new hardest mode be more geared towards preparing players for Ladder.
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Someone in this thread mentioned Supernova as being a difficult mission, and it definitely is if you intend to use Banshees. Funnily enough, this mission is easier than easy on Brutal by A-moving Thors. Seriously, give Thors a go on Supernova. You'll slap yourself for the difficulty you had on this mission when you first played it.

Oh, there's my problem.

*nvm, just loaded my game and beat it with Banshees, Wraiths, and Science Vessels. But I am wondering how it would feel when using Thors or MMM.
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terran had siege tanks which was the biggest help in holding off mass amounts of units, not to mention excellent healing. I bet brutal with the zerg would be much harder. I also feel that it IS hard the first few times you do it, but once you figure out a good strategy it makes it do-able. I remember having to look up advice on how to beat some missions which were really hard. Especially the air version of all in.
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moar hard
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How about a difficulty easier than casual? XD
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How about a difficulty mode called "impossible" that is unbearably hard and has no saves during a level. By unbearably hard as in there are quite literally twice as many units, and they all have 25% more health. Basically its so hard only diamonds could beat it :P
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I feel like brutal was hard enough already. Some missions were easy while others were like friggin impossible. Now that being said I have beat the game on brutal so maybe they could release a harder just for fun difficulty now, certainly couldn't hurt.
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I have to agree partially.

Some missions were a joke on brutal, while others were actually tough.
In Utter Darkness, and All-In especially were already full-tilt difficulty.

The thing is, the missions in starcraft 1 were never hard if you follow the formula: build up defense while you eco and tech, then just slow push your way to victory as you clear out the bases 1 by 1. The "harder" missions just end up taking longer -- which is not necessarily harder, or more fun.
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Hopefully they pay more attention to the balance, and make the AI smart enough to respond appropriately, so you can't beat every level with the equivalent of MM or science vessels+mech or mass tanks. Like you could in WoL. Beating the campaign on brutal+ should require good decisions and mechanics, not a look at forums for which unit is OP on this level. if more than 5% of testers can beat a level on their first try, it's too easy.
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i thought a lot of brutal missions were easy. the first play through on the game was difficult but once i figured out what to do in each mission, which way to often was mass marine/medic i didnt even use marauders. the last 3 missions were almost a joke on brutal, the first one i didnt even leave my base just sieged up and made like 20 ghosts with upgrades and did everything, next one mass marine/medic, altho the nydus network was kind of hard to do without losing a single unit but not bad. the last one was just stupidly easy against air, just mind control everything and GG.
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06/20/2011 07:20 PMPosted by Subsourian
But overall brutal was harder than Starcraft 1's hardest

starcraft had difficulty settings? i didnt know this.
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im high plat but i feel comfortable saying even diamonds would have a tough time with that.
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Please up the difficulty Blizzard. Make a "hardcore" mode or something. WoL on Brutal was too easy.
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Some told Blizz it was too hard others said too easy. Mostly it was pretty easy and the only relatively hard missions are easy if you get the right upgrades and choose the proper missions beforehand. I mostly just rolled through the campaign with marine/tank, lol.
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Easyest way to make brutal "brutal" do 0 reserch and 0 merks. Would that make it hard enough?
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I think it would be cool if they made a difficulty level beyond it that was called, "Master." Then they could figure out what it would take for those who have reached master's level to beat the campaign with relative difficulty level. Seems how it is zerg, I think a lot of players will be surprised by the difficulty level of HoTS. Zerg production does not work the same way as Terran or Protoss. Totally different cost efficiency too.
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