Tychus Was Commissioned to Kill kerrigan by..

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2: Duran could disguise himself because he either possesses the ability to do so, or he's some being in the universe that can do it! Lol What happens if Duran turns out to be the dark voice!!! Lol

so becuase Duran has the ability to disguise himself he msut have the ability to disguise himself? so the proof to him having an ability is he must ahve an ability? thats retarded, theres no proof he can disguise himself at all if he could why would he apear to zeratul as Duran why not someone else? why take such a risk?

He says hes been know by many names throughout the millenium, and if i remeber correctly he told zeratul he couldn't stop the production of the hybrid so what risk is there?
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How do u activate subtitles lol, I've played the campaign without it lol thumbs up for double lol lololo
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It was Mengsk, remember the first teaser of the Tychus being put into the suit? Remember Mengsk talking to him at the end of WoL?
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Hi there! Long time reader, first time poster.
There are a lot of great theories being tossed around here, so I'd like to throw in my two cents.
I have two similar if conflicting theories I have been tossing around.
Theory 1. Duran/Narud is the same person, and is a being created by the Dark Voice to serve as an agent of Chaos within the Terran Dominion. This agent has been tasked with the job of keeping an eye on things, and report back any sign that the Dark Voice can gain an upper hand in the sector. That is how the Dark Voice learns of the relationships between Kerrigan, Raynor and Mengsk. More recently he has learned of Kerrigan's push into the sector and has been forced to take action. In a calculated risk, The Voice Orders the agent to find someone close to Jim Raynor (the man with the most experience), and give him the means to find, neutralize, and destroy Kerrigan (who can break the chain of Xel'Naga dominance on the Zerg, with the human ability of "free will.") The Duran/Narud agent then manipulates several people subtlety into achieving these means. Because he is psionic, the Agent can use the power of "suggestion" on Arcturus and Valerian to make these plot devices seem like it is all their idea (freeing Tychus and attacking Char respectively), and even gives Jim Raynor the means to neutralize her. All the while, the agent must appear to be completely innocuous and still observe the fireworks as Narud, while reporting back to the Dark Voice.
Theory 2: The Dark Voice can possess various people and sway them to do his bidding, such as Duran (with his Ghost implants and heightened Psionic sensitivity), or Narud (who may or may not have experimented with Psionics, or just be "open minded.") But otherwise does the same things as stated above to achieve it's goals.

Just some thoughts.
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Narud=Duran backwards so either their the same thing r brothers, as for narud impersonating mengsk, please, he doesn't need to, he just has to say, hey, theres a guy in prison that will happily kill kerrigan if she is weakened enough, and i can weaken her. ps the guy is also buds with the guy willing to go through hell and back to get to her. Mengsk will just do the rest he doesn't want everyone to realise he is the cause of the queen of blades

...or blizz isrunng out of ideas for names ;P
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These threads make me sad simply because I know starcraft is taking the same road as lost.
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