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First PC game that really blew your mind

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The first game i ever played and kept playing was Age of Empires 1. But the first game that blew my mind was homeworld 1 back in 1999.
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dungeon keeper :)
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My first game ever was SC1, got it a week after it came out. Its still one of my favourites but the first game that blew my mind?
I still use the Unreal Editor to this day in the form of UDK :)
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Half Life
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Sim City.

I may have just dated myself a bit.
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Probably Warcraft 2. A friend showed it to me back in 1999, I couldn't get enough.
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Age of empires 1, or maybe Command and conquer red alert. Both equally awesome back in the day.
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Tough call.

Close Combat.

Or Sim City 2000.

Can't remember which I was addicted to first.
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Starcaft... That and Battlefield 2
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The King's Quest series.
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Tribes 1 easily. I still play Tribes 2 to this day. Everything else was dark and inside, tribes was bright and featured indoor and outdoor environments... just amazing, and that says nothing of the gameplay.
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Starcraft 64....hoooly shiat I was like 8 when that was out and it just blew my freaking mind.
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Doom 1, I have played at my parent's work, the computer technician let me play at lunch. Needless to say, I was begging them to buy me a desktop after.
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Warcraft 2. That game pretty much defined my childhood.
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It's hard to remember what the first one was..
I played consoles only for quite a while, so the first PC game that blew my mind was probably Age of Mythology. I don't think I had ever played an RTS before so that game was friggin awesome for me.
Stuff like Warcraft 2 was unfortunately before my time.
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Graphically, Doom 3 like 12 years later after playing the original. That game is still scary for me lol.
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The original Command and Conquer.
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Warcraft 3 the Frozen Throne.

The editor was what really blew my mind.
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