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Unit Evolution Splits

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Speculate unit name that's not been shown in the trailer to have a split evolution, AKA

Zergling = Swarmling/Raptor
Roach = Leech/Prowler
Baneling = Gorgeling/Splitterling

Not allowed to use those. Pick different unit (if unique, describe).

Ex. 1
Ultralisk = Omegalisk/Pygalisk
Omegalisks are more powerful, but are also more expensive.
Pygalisks are weaker than normal ultralisks, but spawn in twos, like zerglings.

Ex. 2
Hydralisk = Hunter Killer/Basilisk
Hunter Killer's attacks do extra damage to armored units.
Basilisk damage slightly poisons and slows target unit.

Engorger = Acidwing/Creeper
Engorgers are ground caster units. They can support melee troops through Dark Swarm and Quake.
Acidwings are engorgers evolved to fly. They are offensive casters designed to intimidate through Sapling Parasite and Poison Scrub.
Creepers are engorgers evolved to burrow. They can move underground to automatically spread creep and to cast Inject Metabolism.

Dark Swarm = Summons a cloud of dust which obscures vision, temporarily preventing any ranged damage from harming those inside of it.

Quake = Cast on buildings. Reduces building health by 1/8 and the next 5 units that are created through that building lose 1/2 health.

Sapling Parasite = Creates a parasite that will sap any biological units around a designated unit. The unit remains unharmed, while all those around it will take instantaneous damage once it counts down.

Poison Scrub = Summons an invulnerable scrub that slowly saps health from any unit around it. Stationary. Attacking causes it to explode, also dealing damage.

Inject Metabolism = Injects a certain biological enzyme into creep that temporarily grants all zerg units on it increased attack speed. Can only use on creep.
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I doubt hunter killer will be there. If they were doing hero versions the raptor would have been unclean ones
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sometime ago i designed some zerg units for a left4dead mod, one of them are the Mantisk, an evolution of the hydras, they look like a lurker but with bug wings, while on ground they can only attack air units with "cluster spikes", and while on air they can only attack ground with "hunter spore", they are quickly but very very frail
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I really don't wanna copy and paste all the upgrades i had there. I made this a while ago, its a campaign for HotS (Obviously not even close to what the real one is) Anyway, if you look fan media, you can read it, otherwise, scroll to the bottom of it and see my upgrades. (Acidic Creep, Hatcheries with Crawlers attached to them, Ultralisks with Crawlers attached to them, check it if your interested)

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Queens = Brood Mother/Celebrate

Brood Mother spawns 7 larvae instead of 4, the larvae spawn in 20 seconds instead of 40, and the spawn larvae ability costs 10 energy instead of 25 energy.

Celebrate spawns creep colonies inseted of of creep tumors. Creep colonies can produce creep colonies and expand the creep, and can be eveloved to spine colonies, a weaker spine crawler, a spore colony, a weaker spore cralwer, and a sunker colony, a inisible, but very weak, spine colony. Each non-creep colony costs 50 minerals. Creep colonies are visible, take up a 2 by 2 space, can each produce a creep colony, and cost 25 energy for the celebrate to create a creep colony. Also, when celebrates die, they form a pile of bones, and after 15 seconds, if the pile of bones is not killed, become reincarnated as a fully life celebrate. Celebrates have 250 life instead of 175, and the pile of bones has 500 life and 5 armor.
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Hunter Killer: A stronger Hydralisk that deals more damage, shoots and moves faster, and deals Splash damage in a small radius.
Kraken: This Hydralisk got deformed to have 3 heads to shoot 3 enemies, but multiple heads can fire at one target.

(Oh, and in case the lurker comes in, here are a few upgrades i got from someone else on this forum.)
Blade Trap: Instead of the Lurker shooting at enemies, it lies in wait for someone to walk over its head or around it. as soon as someone does, tons of spikes shoot out of the ground, dealing damage to everyone within range. the attack range is larger than the trigger range so it hits more than one person, also it deals more damage.
Clawer: The Lurker suddenly has siege range and damage, but very slow rate of fire.

Missilelisk: This one fires a missle (hence the name) that has more range and flies in a straight line hurting everything in its way, like this :Mutalisk-------guy---------guy------<H>
Shreddar: The purposely misspelled Shreddar Flies very quickly. Its attack is very fast but what it does is it flies after its enemy and lands on its foe, repeatedly cutting it with its talons. If it is a ground unit it picks it up off the ground. It cannot move while attacking, so it must disengage to move. The grabbed unit can still attack though. Also, it takes two Shreddars to pick up a massive unit. (sorry for the extensive description.)

Corrupter (these are things it can mutate into, i think other ppl can work out upgrades)
Brood Lord: Everyone knows what this does. Just some upgrades can be that it can fire scourges as well, though it has low rate of fire and only has one scourge at a time. Another upgrade can be that it can have three broodlings max and it spawns 2 at a time.
Devourer: This one is a AA attacker like the Corrupter, but it has a decreased fire rate, with double damage and large splash. Its upgrades; one is that it has a ability to "Devour" a unit, which means engulfing it in its mouth and chewing until it is dead, dealing little damage at a time, meaning big units will be stuck for a long time.

Slime King: The Infestor gets a face lift and extra armor. Whenever it moves it leaves behing a trail of acid that is invisible to the enemy until they walk over it. They take 9 damage per second, but the downfall is that the slime stays for only 30 seconds. Also the infestor moves slightly slower.
Befouler: The Infestor Gains an attack, where it just claws with its claws. It only attacks ground. Its ability set changes, too. I was thinking about some, here is a list:

Spawn Infested Terran <can be> Spawn Beelings, small hoverbugs that come two at a time which attack only ground, deal extra meele versus light, and cost the same energy <or> Hive Maces, Largish hulking beasts that cost 75 energy, deal xtra versus amrmored, and have more health.

Fungal Growth <can be> Spear swarm, where the Infestor shoots 20 short ranged spikes in a fan shaped pattern, each one dealing 15 damage and knocking back enemies.

Neural Parasite <can be> Nerval Paralyses which decreases the targets attack rate by 30% <or> Optical Spore, which works just like the Starcraft 1 ability the queen used, where you see whatever that unit sees, however this one only lasts for 120 seconds. If it is used in the campaign, however, it can last forever.
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Will edit in new zergling, baneling and roach evolutions later.

Genetic simplification: spawns drones two at a time from one larva. (SCVs got this, drones might as well too.)
Accelerated reflexes: drones mine 20% faster.
Tunneling claws: drones can move while burrowed (this will make expanding across the map simpler).
Crawler drone: drones can spawn crawlers without sacrificing themselves in the process.
Hive warden: drones can mutate rapidly into a moderately strong melee combatant. It can switch between this mode and mining mode with a slight cooldown.

Antennae: overlords gain detection and plus 2 site range.
Creep sacs: overlords can continuously spawn creep, even while moving. Radius while moving is half, but it spreads twice as quickly.
Abduction: overlords can abduct an enemy unit for 10 seconds, holding it from combat. Unit is visible under overlord.
Behemoth: overlord can transport twice as many units, and give plus 4 supply.Overseer: same as WoL, plus spore cloud ability, which blocks line of sight.

Feral link: zerglings cost .25 supply.
Adrenal glands: increase zergling speed and attack rate.
Rapid genesis: zerglings spawn instantly.

Both unchanged.

Tunneling claws: roach can move while burrowed.
Bile ducts: plus 2 damage.
Organic carapace: roach regeneration is doubled above and below ground.
Leech: unchanged.
Prowler: roaches are faster and can use a melee attack while burrowed.

Feral link: queens require no supply.
Generational evolution: queens become stronger as you level up from hatchery to hive. Only one lair or hive is needed for this evolution. They become larger, stronger, faster and sturdier.
Gliding mesh: queens hover above the ground, gaining no movement bonus on creep, but moving just as quick on creep.
Colony queen: queens can spawn two new structures. Creep colonies in place of tumours, which can evolve into sunken and spore colonies, stronger immobile versions of the crawlers. And shriekers, which grant detection to all defensive structures in their radius.
Brood keeper: queens gain the ability to parasite enemies, showing what they see, and ensnare, which slows down units in radius. They are now air units. They keep their existing abilities. Use BW queen as model PLEASE, if this gets in.

Muscular augments: increase hydralisk range and speed.
Acid spines: plus 5 damage to mechanical.
Genetic simplification: hydralisks can built built at hatchery tech.
Hunter killer: gains additional armour and health. Can move while burrowed.
Basilisk: hydralisk attacks stun enemies for a short time, with cooldown between each stun. When not stunned, units are slowed.

Vibrational sensitivity: Lurkers can detect while burrowed.
Tarsal hooks: lurkers can climb cliffs.
Seismic spines: lurkers become range 10 attackers.
Abductor: lurkers can abduct and kill light biological units that walk over them. They have to switch between this mode and attack mode.
Dunno a second.

Shredding glaive: glaive wurms bounce four times.
Streamlined carapace: mutalisks can move twice as fast.
Cannibalise: mutalisks can feed on the hp of other zerg to regain their own. Works on buildings.
Kukulza: mutalisks' attacks gain an acidic coating, reducing enemy armour by 1 for each attack, up to 5 lost.
Mutagenic aspect: mutalisks gain the ability to evolve into swarm guardians or devourers.

Compound eyes: grants vipers detection.
Cannibalise: vipers can feed upon zerg units to gain energy. Works on structures.
Feral rage: cast in an area, grants all zerg (allied and enemy) bonus damage and attack speed (say, 25%).
Not sure on this.
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Corruption: ability to turn opposing air units into turrets at death.
Evasive burrow: corruptors can burrow like ground units.
Posthumous mitosis: corruptors spawn a pair of scourge on death.
Feederling: can siphon resources from enemy structures.
Contaminator: can corrupt automated defenses, to make them work for the zerg permanently.

Pathogen glands: infestors gain plus 50 starting and max energy.
Tunneling claws: the infestor can move while burrowed.
Hyper-evolutionary glands: the infestor can spew a liquid version of the zerg hyper-evolutionary virus, infesting terran and protoss structures.
Defiler: the infestor gains the dark swarm and consume abilities.
Choker: the infestor gains an anti-structure corrosive, damage-over-time attack. This attack can only be used on structures.

Spongiform carapace: the swarm host can hold up to 6 light units inside its egg-pat.
Rapid genesis: locusts spawn one third faster.
Subterranean birthing: the locust spawns and can move burrowed. It unburrows automatically to attack (this one is most likely a given).
Ravener: locusts gain the ability to regenerate HP based on half their dealt damage.
Swarm lord: locusts spawn 4 at a time.

Posthumous mitosis: the brood lord spawns two scourge on death.
Metabolic boost: the brood lord can rush into battle, or quickly pursue fleeing targets. Timed ability.
Alternating volley: the brood lord launches one broodling at a time, at a much faster rate.
Brood tyrant: the brood lord gains a third broodling and additional armour and speed.
Scourge lord: the brood lord can launch scourges at air or ground targets.

Anabolic synthesis: ultralisk speed is increased.
Blood rage: the ultralisk becomes immune to stun, slowing, and mind control abilities.
Burrow charge: the ultralisk gains the burrow-charge ability.
Torrasque: the ultralisk gains a massive hp boost and can regenerate from death like campaign thors.
Omegalisk: the ultralisk gains impaling tentacles that can attack independently of each other.
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Mutalisk = Devourer/Gaurdian

Devourer is flying anti-air spell caster

Gaurdian is a slow flying anti-groud unit that deals insaine damage, has a range of 16, looks like a crab, and has attack spped of 4. Gaurdians should be as fast as overlords without the speed upgrade

Sorry for any misspellings :P
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Justin, don't forget, these choices are mutually exclusive, so perhaps putting the Zerg's only detector on one side of that choice might promote lopsided results... ;)
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Viper can be given ocular parasite. I made this list in February, LOL. Besides, detectors were completely useless in WoL. Did you ever fight one lurker, cloaked ghost or spectre, or dark templar?
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Did I fight any Lurkers? That would've been quite the feat, given that they aren't in the game. ;)

In all seriousness though, while I rarely needed detectors (Most of my friends play Terran, who are fairly poor at stealth), I was the jerk of the group who would constantly burrow Zerg to ambush enemies, so detectors were necessary on their behalf. And my Protoss friend liked spamming Dark Templar, so against him I needed an Overseer or two as well. As for AI... Well, you got me there, I don't think I've ever caught the AI using stealth.
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Did I fight any Lurkers? That would've been quite the feat, given that they aren't in the game. ;)
Check the map editor some time. I was talking campaign, which is what these unit splits will kinda be for.
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I've been to the editor, a great many times. That said, I don't think I've ever once played a human in a custom map using the Lurker. Hell, I don't think I've ever even seen the Lurker burrow in Starcraft 2 yet.
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05/15/2012 11:29 PMPosted by Romeo
I've been to the editor, a great many times. That said, I don't think I've ever once played a human in a custom map using the Lurker. Hell, I don't think I've ever even seen the Lurker burrow in Starcraft 2 yet.
You've missed my point entirely. My point was, you never once needed detectors in the CAMPAIGN (and the few times you did, the detector units were given to you for free). That trend, I suspect, will continue into this expansion.
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Oh, right right. That is a perfectly valid point, I must concede.
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Not to hijack the thread, but I'm curious what people think of my upgrades and evolution ideas. Many of them will be appearing in the custom campaign I'm working on.
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I thought your ideas were actually pretty cool and well thought out.
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05/17/2012 06:41 AMPosted by Justin
Not to hijack the thread, but I'm curious what people think of my upgrades and evolution ideas. Many of them will be appearing in the custom campaign I'm working on.

Aye, I'm with NegativeFX, I quite liked them, truth be told.
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I liked them, but here are some changes I think would be for the best:
The Omegalisk and the Torrasque are too much alike. It would've been better if instead of the Omegalisk, the Ultra could turn into 3 Pygalisks w/ 175 hp and 6 splash damage.
The Swarmling already spawns instantly, so you don't quite need the Rapid Genesis upgrade. It would be better if Metabolic Boost (movement speed) was one upgrade, and Adrenal Glands (attack speed) was another.
The Scourge Lord should only shoot Scourge at air targets.
The Mutalisk and Viper shouldn't both have Cannibalize. Instead, let the Viper have it and give the Mutalisk 1+ range, and you pick out a name.
Allow Spongiform Carpace to have it so when the Swarm Host dies, the units come out alive.
Make the second Lurker mutation so that it gets a 2x fire rate, however the Abductor must be subsequently buffed.
Finally, the Zerg will be useless if the Queen can't spawn Creep or LI. If you kept it on the ground, but still gave it Parasite and Ensnare, it could work.

This is my $0.02, you don't have to heed my advice, but this is how I think your ideas would be possible in the HotS Campaign.
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