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DARK DEEDS [Official Thread]

We've gone through two whole threads and are on our third now. Feel free to post comments, thanks, praise, and helpful suggestions here. This is the ideal place to post suggestions because they are recorded, whereas if you tell me in a game I am often too busy winning to keep track of all of the suggestions.

I am extremely busy with real-life obligations right now, but I will check in as often as I can. Our lead tester Helemar will also pitch in responding as often as he is able. Thanks for playing Dark Deeds!


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Uberfuchs: I do think that sometimes the Forge warning does not properly go away, and I have yet to figure out exactly why. Which warning in particular are you concerned about, just to be clear? (does it appear at the top, or bottom, or where?) The requirements in order not to be revealed are EITHER to have a forge and a modular home, or to have a modular home and a number of military units. So the reason the warning goes away for people who have units is likely because it is catching the latter conditions, not the former. Hopefully I'll figure out why eventually.

As for being able to build multiple buildings, let me know which ones so I can fix it. It's likely a typo in one of the requirements. The protection is there because even when the requirements are correct, people were originally able to glitch multiple buildings somehow because of lag.

Mad Scientist minions can do some nasty things using cliffs. The plus side is that they are not the strongest in direct combat, and you can move your base using Salvage if need be. Also, you can see up cliffs using the Scientist's Point Defense Drone, which will also destroy the Experiment's missiles.

Proxor: No, you cannot go negative in DDScore. It's programmed not to record anything under 0 points.
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hey i know a small glitch that can be fixed although i dont want it to be :/ anyways if you get a boy or girl whatever when u train em into something u can cancel it. then it redoes part of the growth thing and its model is a porta potty. i hope u dont fix it cause its awesome xD but i just wanted to point it out for you. also when is the next update gonna be?
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Just thought I'd thank you again for creating this map for SC2. Was a big fan of the original and am an even bigger fan of your map. The theme fits Starcraft yet retains the gameplay and balance of the WC3 original. I've been so enthralled that I can hardly bring myself to play any other custom or ladder games.

That aside, one issue I haven't seen brought up much yet on this thread is the Dragon APT's ability to transfer units down cliffs. I wasn't sure if this was mentioned yet so I figured I'd see it. The glitch/exploit (what have you) is fairly limited in utility so I assume it's not that major and I've yet to see it done as a mainstay strategy by anyone with DDS to use it.

Again all of you lots of love for you DD players... even if that love takes the form of drill-bits in your face. It just means I love you all the more. >:D
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Woohoo, third thread!!!

I'd like to throw out that I think the MS needs a bit of a buff in some aspects. It's first night strength seems waaay too low. All the other evils have a way to catch running scvs, but the MS can die to 2 scvs soloing it... Not to mention the difficulty one has when a decent player or two work together and get some zealots. A lot of this game depends on getting at least a kill on the first night to keep up.

I know MS is meant to harass and destroy economies, but even when I do that, a single good player can ruin my game. I was playing a game with Hirron and a few other 1kers, and I specifically went after him and his economy. 2 scvs and 2 zealots ensured that I couldn't put much of a dent in him.

PS: Did you change it so you can't blink to those cliffs in the east??
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NITESLAYER: Doesn't seem like really that much of a detrimental bug. At current, I doubt anything will be changed with it. I'm sure it'll be fixed in the future, but it's not all that pressing. As far as the next update, as Tren said, he's got a lot of real-life obligations for the moment, so it will be a while. But thankfully there don't seem to be any major bugs, or extreme issues that need to be fixed.

KilleRhoNu: I wasn't even aware that you could do something like that with the Dragon APT. However, that's something that is so tactically delicate, that if someone can pull off doing something like loading their SCV up in the Dragon and tossing it down a cliff, I honestly don't see a problem with that.

Tellarion: I honestly don't think that MS needs a buff, I'd say he's at a very manageable level right now. As far as MS getting killed by SCVs - yeah, that'll happen if you sit there and let them beat your face in or JUST run from them. Honestly since I figured out really how to play MS, I haven't lost as him - doesn't matter who I went against. Get blink for your first skill, then you can chase down SCVs the first night. Also, since you can move while attacking, you should pretty much always be moving, especially when someone tries to SCV rush you. Just hit Stop for a second, let your guy acquire a target, and then run again. Wear 'em down, and kill 'em.

Tren: Triple post... the shame.
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I think it has something to do with the Dragon's behavior like a medi-vac. Like you said it is tactically delicate and really only a somewhat novelty move that might pay off if you time it correctly. I'm not even sure how to replicate it, or have the desire to try to considering I'm never near cliffs unless I am a MS or his minion. Just figured people should know.
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Uploaded a quick fix for some issues.


- Added 2.5 seconds to the delay before transforming into the Vampire or the Brain Parasite, and a dim glow that warns nearby players of the impending transformation.
- The Vampire can now only show its true form while standing on creep or at night (including a few seconds before night). The Vampire is not automatically turned back into a Colonist Builder when day begins, though.
- Fungal Growth now reduces movement only by 50% instead of 67%, and does not slow Colonist Builders at all but prevents Panic's max speed benefit.

- Fixed a bug where Fungal Growth would immobilize Colonist Builders rather than slowing them.
- Fixed a bug where a unit would get stuck in the outhouse when cancelling training.
- Fixed a bug where the Mad Scientist did not receive experience from attacking structures.
- Fixed a score exploit.
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I had problems blinking on ledges as Mad Scientist. I had complete vision, as well as space. Specifically the middle island and the ledge on the top left grove. Each attempt resulted in a red error message.
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Ambient: you're really only supposed to be able to blink to places that you can otherwise walk to as the Mad Scientist. Because the check isn't that great, you can use it to blink past defenses in special situations (with skill), but otherwise don't be surprised if you can't blink somewhere. My guess is that it wouldn't let you blink because a building was blocking you. The main point of blink is to allow you to escape and to chase down SCVs.
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aww u removed the potty daughter/son :(
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idea for hero

dropdown commander (raven)

this hero has 4 abilities and no attack

1. banshee call in.
This is simply banshee missile graphic that goes from point a to point b (prehaps range 4-5)
and does 20/40/50 damage. this is on a 10 second CD and costs 20 energy. this is built as its attack.

2. trackers
this would have the graphics of hunter missile. the raven calls a swarm of these in which then follow evil and ping it on map. this would be useful for evils that make fast escapes. the debuff goes away when they transform or when it times out in 30/60/unlimited seconds. this can also be used on scvs with a 10/20/30 second duration

140/120/90 second cd

3. orbital scan. this allows you to locate any selected scv on map if there is no scv it simply appears at home and if there is no home it reveals evil for 30 seconds

this is built mainly for games that the evil has been found out but proceeds to go running around map attacking for 5 secs each night in hope of a snipe or to prevent reveal. it would allow locating an scv during the day so you can find x player wherever they hide

basic spell/ reveals to all allys/ allows commander to send in banshee strike

120/90/60 second cd

and finally

scorched earth
bombards area from space with fire dealing 300 damage to main evil 150 to minions 100 to scvs and 50 to smaller units in a 4x4 area
in addition this area now is metal and

the air is to0 hot to fly in (vamp bats)
the ground is too hard to burrow through (brain parasite and minions burrow)
claws get stuck in for 1 second ( werewolf)
electrons move too fast to teleport through or disappear in ( mad scientist and high cultist )

this spell also prevents creep growth but does not remove creep
120 second cd

overall if enough people use this it would be possible to escape proof the map

I feel this hero and paladin would serve 2 different purposes

the paladin is a support/damage character great for head on fighting

space commander is a hunter character best built for when you have a slippery but weak evil. this would help prevent games where evil just hides does 5 second strikes and waits until level 10 to go out and finish game

comments/ criticisms please
Edited by Hirron on 7/10/2011 12:43 AM PDT
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Hirron: Overall its a good idea, but the abilities are far too powerful. First, it's a flying hero. Entirely defeats the purpose of having buildings then. Assuming it has an attack, between all its abilities, you'd be able to snipe SCVs easily with just this, and you wouldn't be able to run away at all.

First ability: It's a aoe line nuke (much like vamp's nuke) that ends up doing 1/3 of the damage for 1/5 the cost. Seems a tad insane to me. If I'm to understand this as well, your idea is that it can be called anywhere on the map? It's like having a mad scientist that's more targeted.

Second ability: Infinite tracking at max level on an evil, that, is stupid. It would literally make the game near impossible to win as evil if someone got up to level 5. They wouldn't be able to run, they wouldn't be able to evade. Even if they did transform, you'd know almost where they were, and then you could use ability #3 and then they're equally screwed.

Third ability: See above.

Ultimate ability: That's a hell of a lot of damage, especially to SCVs. Bringing an scv down to 20% health with a single nuke and then use the banshee strike, dead SCV. It's a lot of damage vs minions too, as you may have noticed, most of them don't have tons of HP. With all the extra effects that this ability would have, the damage is overkill.

Like I said, overall, the idea is good, but it's a little too strong on all fronts. Being able to outright reveal key units with the click of a button (main evil, scvs) is insane. No colonist should have that kind of ability. Something like pointing a unit in the direction of the evil would be alright, because then you'd have a general direction, but no 'Hey look, here it is, come kill it.'

Hiding and running is a part of the game. Adding in a unit that eliminates that aspect really ruins that. It's a game of deception, and if a unit like this were added, the game would go from a game of deception, to a game of 'Finish the game before someone gets a Space Commander.' The rush should be placed on the colonists to finish the game quicker because of the threat of evil growing stronger, not the other way around.
Edited by Helemar on 7/11/2011 12:04 PM PDT
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Is this game dead?
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Sure seems like it. Waited hours for a game, none came :(
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I think the game died. It must have been a slow and painful death. Firetruck the popularity system.
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At times it can be difficult to get a game started. However, I have seen many new players in the mornings. In the evenings at least one game is going at any time.
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I very much doubt the game is dead. I'm not on much anymore because I'm back to work and busy with things, but every time I log on, I get into a full game in less than 10 minutes or so.

I'd say a lot of you are just having bad luck.
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Haven't been able to play Starcraft 2 at all recently, too much RL crap going on. TrenchaunT has done a great job ^^

think this map deserves a custom map spotlight.
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