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Thanks for letting me know about that bug. It makes sense that a bug could've crept in there because I edited that code... Hopefully it won't happen too often before I fix it.

The badges are catching up right now. They were originally going to be implemented early on, so many of the scores have been tracked from the beta versions, and long-time players have earned the badges already. So as you do things it awards you for stats you already reached. So for example if you have built 260 campfires like I have, the first campfire you build it will give you the 50 campfire badge, the second you build will give you the 200 campfire badge. Other stats have not been tracked before and you will earn their stats anew.
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Fixed some bugs and added the Achievements Dialog! Click on a player's name on the Leaderboard or press F9 to see it.
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Well... I didn't want to have 2 make this post but it seems i have 2. So i killed HighDuDe on a bad call and now he kills me first thing every game. Then some others jined....mostly because i got evil 3 times in row + double mad scientist. Honestly MS is track. Just talk to the game but this is annoying me.
EDIT: i warned him about reporting he doesn't care.
Edited by Hyperion on 1/16/2012 5:52 PM PST
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Well... I didn't want to have 2 make this post but it seems i have 2. So i killed HighDuDe on a bad call and now he kills me first thing every game. Then some others jined....mostly because i got evil 3 times in row + double mad scientist. Honestly MS is track. Just talk to the game but this is annoying me.
EDIT: i warned him about reporting he doesn't care.

lmao that's hilarious
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Trench, I found a bug while in a stalemate with some little troll.

Apparently, when people suicide to the mitilla when they're a colonist, the game does not register them as dead, and cannot end correctly.

Also, if possible, add some sort of stalemate detector trigger. Look for how many SCVs are on the map, if 0, end the game.

Stupid ISP cost me 50 dds -,-
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i was playing high cultist minion. i used my dark call to attack at night and when my army died i couldent respawn my hero "the mecanic" . ive also heard from some people say that mecanic cant respawn. i dont know if thats true i dont use him much.just thought you shuld know

my fav. game think its the best keep the updates coming ples.
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I was the high cultist in a game and the militia killed an scv, then i killed the last person but nothing happened. Then i randomly punished a minion and it gave me the win, so just a possible bug, wanted to let you know.
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Also, trench, if possible, could you take HC's zeal off of autocast? Its annoying as hell above lvl 1, nuking my jukes whenever I use it.
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Thanks for letting me know about the Mechanic respawn problem. I have had that problem, but I hoped that it was fixed in the last patch. I wasn't sure, however, because the bug does not always present itself, so it is hard to figure out if it is fixed. I will have to keep testing to correct that bug, because at this point it seems to be a Blizzard problem.

As for not being able to revive the Mechanic after a Dark Campaign, that may be a different bug altogether--I'll look into that too. Thanks.

morrjo, to disable autocast simply right-click on the button for the ability. However, charge abilities normally cannot be multi-level, so Dark Deeds uses a workaround that causes Zeal to re-enable autocast every time you level it up. I know it's annoying, but just remember to disable the autocast after leveling it up. Hopefully eventually a better workaround will present itself in that area.
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morrjo and Hyperion,

Thanks for pointing out the stalemate issue. I'll check into that.
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New bug: heard it from some1, and we tested it and it works; team 7 will get put as team 1 then b selected as the evil. I will test this again later, but so far looking bad.
EDIT: maybe not so
Edited by Hyperion on 1/24/2012 1:34 PM PST
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felt like adding an update about the popularity of the game, it is now in the middle of page 3. also, the tree stump glitch is still present. i know it is a hard one to fix, but i just thought you should know.
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All hours reset guys! Come get some dd games going so we can get it to page 2 before the other games do! The rich get richer!

EDIT: Apparently it was only DD that got reset. Not sure how that happened. All the way back on page 10 now...
Edited by mizzao on 1/25/2012 12:29 PM PST
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mizzao: That's peculiar... It's on page 4 now for me.
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Good news! We finally have a real web site. Check it out:
New patch notes will be posted there, and bug reports should be posted under the patch notes.
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Hi Trenchaunt,

We were reset to page 10 yesterday with close to 0 hours played. However, since the game has been getting so popular recently, it quickly climbed back up to page 3 within 24 hours - I was watching it as it went up and up the list.

This new popularity is great, but it's also revealing a bug that is affecting new players a lot. Basically, when you build a house without the calldown, there is basically nothing that you can click on. It seems that sometimes new players halt by accident, and find it really hard to finish building their house, only to get destroyed on the first night. I've spent several games over the last few days trying to help a new player find their half-finished house.

My suggestion to fix this is one of the following:
- Give everyone the calldown, or:
- Make the under-construction house have the supply depot construction model, and be clickable.


P.S.: Nice website!
Edited by mizzao on 1/26/2012 6:19 PM PST
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Dark Deeds has now duplicated itself on page 3. Is this from you publishing another map, or a Blizzard bug?

It seems like this is the evil twin version of dark deeds. Units move really slowly, even though build times are the same - it takes half the night to get across the map. Genetic whatever upgrade for sons and daughters is automatic. Units produced using that upgrade stay small and don't need to grow to be used. (I actually fun or notted this crappy version before I found the straight version when I started playing.)

Can we get rid of it? Having the evil twin is making us drop in rankings again as players are split up!
Edited by mizzao on 1/26/2012 9:08 PM PST
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mizzao: Can't figure out this "twin version" thing.. No one playing right now seems to have had this problem, maybe (hopefully) it was a brief thing? Let me know if it keeps happening. I'll check into the calldown problem right now, too.
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To my knowledge whenever someone creates a custom dark deeds lobby, instead of joining from the regular menu or bookmarks, they have the chance to set some of the game options. If they adjust the speed to something other than 'fastest' and get someone to join them and start a game, then for whatever reason spins off a new listing of dark deeds with that speed setting, duplicating the hours had from the regular version.

Other custom game modes out there don't let you mess with the game speed settings. I think a similar fix should be in order for DDS. That change should prevent this multiple listings thing from happening in the future.

also, you don't really have forums on the new dds site do you?
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