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Infesting Protoss Buildings

I know in lore that it is impossible for the Zerg to actually infest the protoss but the infestation mechanic seems cool. I was thinking that when a protoss tech building that warps in units get infested the destination they warp in from could be changed to a former area that the protoss had on Auir that is now occupied by infested terrans. That way infested terran units could pop out of the building that is being infested and it wouldn't be biased against either race.

It is a stretch but infestors yanking fully grown marines from their butts and flinging them across the battlefield is also. Makes less sense when there aren't even terran in the match.
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Definitely makes sense. And yes, I assume that infesting a Protoss BUILDING (provided you could get through the shields) would be much easier than Protoss themselves (my understanding is that their DNA/physical structure is so different that the Zerg will take some time to be able to "infest" them, if ever)
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The reason why the zerg cannot infest the protoss in lore is that the protoss follow the khala which is sort of like a religion that protects them from being infested. except dark templar do not follow the Khala so is it possible to infest a dark templar?
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Well this idea is supposed to work similar to the original infested terran concept and not give a distinct advantage to one race over another, which was why the infestation concept was scrapped. It provides some form of explanations as to why infested terrans would suddenly appear from protoss buildings.

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I used to thinkthat the dark templars were infested, but they just haddecorated themselves
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Surprised there isn't any Infested Dark templar because they are infestable in lore.
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Was the Dark Templar Matriach in BW infested or just under mind control?
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