Redo Mothership

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To balance planet cracker:
1) make it be a non-KO.
2) make it take up a lot of energy.
3) long duration and can't fire while using.
4) the mothership is the "anti-everything button". so it should be an anti-everything button and actually just use nerf #2. Nobody cares about nerf #1 or 3.

Time Bomb: just make it spammable, small, and relatively weak.

Vortex: nobody cares. How 'bout black hole, but it only deals a certain percentage of absorbed enemies' HP as damage? Trust me, very easy to do in editor.

And attack: no, same strength, just multi target.

Of course, this is for once-allowable unit.
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If mass mothership, have a "weak" (compared to original) planet cracker attack and just run over everything. Anti-air is multi-target w/ no damage nerf. Vortex- draw enemies together and deal light damage, then they can get killed by planet cracker. Time Bomb: semi-spammable, small, and relatively weak.
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Agreed the old demo mothership abilities were amazing it was so fresh and entertaining looking. Nothing like it was after it got nerfed into arbiter 2.0. Though at that point I was just relieved it got in there at all given they had suggested it might get scrapped all together.
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was just googling what happened to the old mothership and found this topic :P

I found this also in the starcraft wiki:
"The mothership's use in multiplayer is curtailed by its high cost, position on the tech tree, vulnerability to focus firing, low mobility, and relatively low damage output." (

So... basically the mothership is a horrible unit. Low damage, Slow, can't soak damage, hard to get. Basically an ultralisk except more useless since ultras actually do damage.

Hence, they should definitely redo mothership. its supposed to be the ultimate unit, but instead the collossi is pretty much the toss' ace unit. mothership is not useless but is not always worth to get. if youre going coll, which most toss eventually go to, you need stargate and fleet beacon, which contributes nothing to your gateway robo army. espec since voids are useless against hydra/corr.

they should at least return the time bomb except just slow down the units and projectiles but not stop. Think an aoe slow is op? Look at the marauder. Make it basically just like a marauder slow except an area of effect shield.

I'm not saying they should bring back the old mothership completely, since that simply looked devastating and literally you just needed to have the mothership to win the game, but at least make it a viable unit. It already barely kills marines with its 36 attack (6 damage, 6 attacks) and its horrific 2.21 attack speed, which basically cancels out the 6 attacks. Mothership has 16.7 dps and Marines have 10.7 dps (According to liquipedia) So, basically two 50 mineral units out dps a mothership, adding to its uselessness.

Looking at the current abilities:
Cloak. Cloak is without a doubt a great aspect of the mothership. If unscouted it is deadly to.... zerg. Sometimes. The build time is 160 seconds, so that in itself is difficult NOT to scout. Terran have scans to easily counter and vikings to slaughter the mothership. Overseer takes 17 seconds to train. It takes 17 seconds for the mothership to basically accelerate to its max speed of a turtle. (Obvious exaggeration but you get the point).

Recall. Awesome. Yes, a great ability i will say, although proxy pylons basically do the same thing or warp prisms from that robo making coll...

Vortex. Good. Comparable to arbiter? Not really in my opinion. After getting off your arbiter's stasis field, move in, wipe out rest of army. With vortex... If you vortex their army your zealots are now useless, if they get close enough, boom they go in too.

Redo plox. (This reflects WoL not HoTS)
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Has anyone seen what the old mothership could do, it was AMAZING!
If you can, try and get to the old starcraft2 site (before game release) it still does exist, once there look up the mothership page.

it seems to me what happened to me is that it was too OP so they just gave the mothership a worse attack, a bigger limit on amount (from 2 to 1), and then strapped on the old arbiter stuff plus vortex.

since no one uses the mothership maybe it should be made more like the old version (still only one) but make it a beast of an offensive caster like it was
Any thoughts?

see old momma here:

P.S. its cool to look at all the old stuff on this sight like old models and the original Col atack

I believe the mothership was nerfed because those abilities were kind of unbalanced. it was meant to be fun, but time bomb? planet breaker? and dark hole? they just scrapped them all and changed dark hole into vortex and spit the units back out. before it ate yamato blasts, ships, missle, everything and they were destroyed.

Those abilities aren't over the top at all compared to nuclear weapons from the silo.
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07/20/2011 08:56 AMPosted by Wiz
E) if you want all of these abilities just wait until legacy of the void, they will most likely have these abilities for single player campaign.

Agreed. Single-player doesn't care about multi-player balance and does things more for the sake of fun. The Mothership may still be tweaked slightly, but single-player LOTV is our best shot at seeing a truly powerful weapon the way it was first imagined, and not just a ridiculously large support vessel.
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It was just a bait and switch tactic just like battlecruisers that could actually take out mass marines and other ground range units. It is always amusing to see a group of 8 marines take down a flying battleship that is the size of a football field!
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How about the Mothership gets a Pylon radius around it? It would allow for quick reinforcement, harass, and survivability. Plus it would have a psychological effect of a backup unit, making people not want to send it out and kill it and instead have it behind the army cloaking it and warping in units. Possibly Time Warp could be removed as a countermeasure.
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Part of me thinks motherships probably should have just been a campaign unit so it could have kept the OPedness that lore said its supposed to have.
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