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What was your hardest CAMPAIGN achievement?

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Please remember to keep this as CAMPAIGN only achievements.

I finally finished getting all achievements(w/ points) on campaign and some were hard and some were easy. Whether you finished getting them all or not, what was your hardest achievement to obtain?

For me it has to be All in. I remember getting it to 99.8 and even 99.9 but die. No joke here. Even saved at 95% and tried to hold it off but couldn't and ended up replay from fresh start many times. Even then I ended at high 90's and die. It was frustrating but managed to get it done.
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Lost Viking Gold, last one i got and the hardest :(
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In Utter Darkness achievement was the hardest one for me.
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Still working on Belly of the Beast's achievements.
And Safe Haven's.
As for Shatter the Sky, I haven't gotten to it yet.
Thus far, my hardest achievements come from Ghost of a Chance. The third part caused me a few retries because Nova kept dying. Then Battle.Net disconnected me the time I was successful...
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Brutal Completionist was the hardest for me. Not only because of All In, but Engine of Destruction is a bear and In Utter Darkness is simply cruel on brutal.
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In Utter Darkness... Hands down the most absurd. ~ punches wall, throws guitar, almost kicks the dog ~

... moo :D
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I'd say it's Lost Viking Gold. Anyone with a couple months' experience playing online can get most of the campaign achievements, but you really need to grind the Lost Viking game to get good enough for the gold.
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I haven't tried the Lost Viking ones yet because I know they're going to be awful. But the hardest brutal achievement for me was In Utter Darkness.

I did MOST of the Hard Mode achievements first shot (actually even the one on Hard In Utter Darkness), but for some reason Brutal of that Mission was insane for me.

I did All In Ground first shot, most of the others not in more than two tries. But In Utter Darkness was saving and re-loading about every minute to find those darn overseers for the DT method.

A couple of them were easier on Brutal because I didn't have the time constraints of the Hard Mode Achieves :p
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Definitely In Utter Darkness on brutal. It was just, well, plain brutal.... Took me at least 10 attempts to get it done.

Haven't gotten the Gold on the Lost Viking yet (only a bronze :S).

Besides that, maybe Blitzkrieg.
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Belly of the Beast's Hard Achievement was pretty annoying. I hated all of the timed achievements too (like Echoes of the Future, Media Blitz)... not that they were hard, I just get super stressed when I'm supposed to finish something quickly.
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07/20/2011 07:54 AMPosted by Tpar
I hated all of the timed achievements too (like Echoes of the Future, Media Blitz)... not that they were hard, I just get super stressed when I'm supposed to finish something quickly.

You are not alone, my friend. I detest timed goals such as those with great zeal and would like to never see one ever again, and should I... It will be too soon!

... moo XD
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I think I am gonna start over on the campaign (Once again) and do it on brutal but try and get the achievements down. I think the hardest ones are gonna be the Welcome to the Jungle ones and the ones where you gotta beat it in under X amount of time. Wonder if it is possible?
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I have all the the achievements except the lost viking ones... I suck at that game! I know it's old school weak sh!t but I just can't seem to play it! *hangs head in shame*

(oh and the brutal play through ones... I'm working on it!)
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Lost Viking gold
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I need to get a better cpu before I even try Lost Viking. My laptop can't handle more than 2 inputs at a time , so I can either move diagonally OR shoot.
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I'm totally amazed at you guys who play Starcraft 2 on a laptop... I've tried and just can't seem to adjust to it... Ya'll rock! :D
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Lost Viking Gold,500k is so damn hard.
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By far All-In on brutal to get Brutal Ace achivement!
I'm stuck and cant complete it.
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I found In Utter Darkness to be surprisingly easy on brutal; most difficult was All In - took a lot of saved games!!
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I believe mine was Aces High for All In Hard.

I tried the Air version for the fun of it...I raged so hard. I finally found the solution was to mass bunkers with a whole ton of marines, marauders, siege tanks, vikings, thors and a BC or two.
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