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Ok, i know everyone believes that their favorite game can be a good movie, but lets be honest with ourselves. Would Starcraft make a good movie? I believe it could be the best if blizz allowed it. The starcraft universe has deep characters, a deeper story, and a great premise. Ive heard rumblings of a warcraft movie detailing the rise of arthas and his transformation into the lich king. While i enjoy warcraft, the universe of warcraft is simply too big with too much going on to make a movie about it. The more logical choices would be diablo or starcraft. Plus, i would love to see ZvPvT close up and on the big screen. Its been years since a good sci fi epic has come out, and i would hope the next one is a starcraft movie. I hope you all do as well, and if you do or have something to add, please do
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The problem is that the story has already been told. As much as it seems interesting, we already know the plot. It's not like, say, the Forgotten Realms, where you can pretty much tell whatever story you want as long as it fits in the general setting. Starcraft IS the relationship between Raynor, Mengsk, Kerrigan and Zeratul. And there's no other way to tell that story other than in the games.

They tried for Resident Evil and quite frankly, the movies pale in comparison to the games. I'd hate to see the same happen to Starcraft.
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I think they already started casting characters for it:
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Just watch Starship Troopers its the closest you'll ever see to Starcraft on the big screen and add to the fact its !@#$ing awesome.
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Starship Troopers was one of the best B movies ever produced its had Denise Richards in it for gods sake thats instant B Movie cred right there. However if comparing it to the source material it'll fall short sure. However I loved the over the top characters, set pieces, battles, and gore. Honestly you gain more entertainment and enjoyment when you realize they were trying to make a B movie and I'd argue it worked really well.
II and III were direct to video affairs enough said.
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