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I have an issue. I want to contact Person XX privately who made Post YY in the official battle-net forums. Now, I see exactly one option how to do that. I make a public thread that Asks XX to post their character code, So I can add them on battle-net, So I can then add them as a friend, so I can have a private conversation. However, The first step is only required because there is no way to look up anybody's character code on the official forums. I believe this is a flaw. Your own character code is displayed when logged in if you hover over your port-rate, but If i hover over XX's portrait for any post they make, Or in their profile, I do not see any character code. Therefore, If I want to contact them, I have to Spam the forums with a post, HOPEING that they notice, and reply with their character code, so as to allow for private communication to be possible. Additionally, there is no messaging system, which is an equally bad issue, as it would also allow me to bypass the step of getting on battle-net, and wait for XX to get on, so I can PM them. Extra points if there is a right click option for a person to PM them.

My character code is 421, If anybody needs to contact me, Since Unless I post it, No-one will be able to do so.
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Click the name by the post. The character code is there.
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Actualy Hawking, while you did give him a solution, it's not exactly acknowledging his suggestion for improving the forums.

A few of your suggestions/requests seemed a bit odd, but i'll try to corelate them to stuff that works.

-Character code search-
Im still trying to figure this one out, possibly consult the robot council for the ethical treatment of zergling. But for now, you have me baffled on this one.

-Mouse over character code look up (MOCCLP)-
this makes complete and total sense! I love this idea, and I will petition blizzard immediately! possibly even offer them a blood sacrifice of a million trolls..
This would probably however, put a signifigant (or dust-mite sized) worsening of the website latency...

-Messaging system-
Actualy no, this is a bad idea, I'm going to have to have the robot council banish you to char!
Instead, you will be pointed in THE RIGHT DIRECTION
(that way -->) There is a system called response notification, that is in use from other forum services. you can flag your own posts (or others) so that any replies made will be sent to your choice of phone/email/laseruplink/ioncannoncontrol.
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-Character code search-
Im still trying to figure this one out, possibly consult the robot council for the ethical treatment of zergling. But for now, you have me baffled on this one.

Hum? You can search by Name#CharacterCode currently.

08/02/2011 08:34 PMPosted by Huskies
-Mouse over character code look up (MOCCLP)-

I don't get it, you mean hover over their avatar or something to see the char code? Sure, why not? But... You could also just click.

08/02/2011 08:34 PMPosted by Huskies
-Messaging system-

I agree that a PM system would not be the best of ideas.
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just posting this to find out my charter code
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