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Giving Match History the Same Functionality

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Is it feasible to give Match History the same functionality as it does in the game where if you click the magnifying glass, it shows you the stats and teams of that specific match and let you look up the profiles of the players in the game?

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From a programming standpoint, this would require a combination of a few things. they're not all that hard to do, and even with my extremly limited programming knowledge, I could pull this off at varying degrees over the following timespan: (working 20 minuites a day, using minimalistic software)

Day 1 - finish preparing the major changes to code.

Day 2 - verify that the code works via trial and error.

Day 3 - program a simple trial engine, pass it off to friends for beta testing

Day 4 - personaly check over the coding, looking for optimizations. saving changes to seperate backups, and copy some of the changes to windows 7 sticky notes. (for a quick change of code on the primary files). this is the only day in which i would actualy commit myself to more then 20 minuites of programming.

Day 5 - review the beta test comments, add in the appropriate predetermined changes to the bugs.
After 5 days, the code would be minimaly functional. It would not be perfect, and it could (and will later) be done better and more efficiently.

Day 6 through 10 - Code optimizations

Day 11 - Second beta test.

Day 12 and 13 - double check my work, prepare hotfixes. no major changes.

Day 14 - Review beta testor comments, apply neccesary hotfixes.

Day 15 - Fully optimized code completed, releasing it alongside the next minor update.

Keep in mind that this timeline would be from a single person, with minimalistic experience. and absolutly no enhanced programming tools.
and also Working spare time (whenever im bored and looking for something to do, usualy 20 minuites a day).
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And now for what this process would look like to blizzard entertainment. All of it would be completly streamlined, with at least 15 people working on it. using the best software available. and at least 6 hours a day being commited.

Day 1 - Community manager see's this post on the forums, he contacts one of the higher ranking members of blizzard. The person he contacts would assign this job to a team of 15 programmers, and commit the quality assurance guys to said team.

The experienced programmers finish the code, fully functional and optimized, after only 4 hours. they then pass it off to the quality assurance team.

The quality assurance team works alongside the programmers to squish all of the bugs. they clear the finished update for release within a timeframe of only 2 hours.

The developers que up your suggested changes for the very next minor update.

All of this done in a single day, over the course of 6 hours.
So to answer your question finaly...
Yes, this is very feasible for blizzard to accomplish.
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But you're forgetting that there are much more important things on their "list of things to do" than adding small functionality to the website. Because essentially, not only will the Web Team have to redesign the profile portion of the site, but the actual Game Dev team will need to expose this data. And then they need to expose it in a format that the Web Team can work with. It's a lot more work than 6 hours and they have higher priority tasks to work on.

This is, assuming they want this information to be available through the website at all.
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