Guide to Decent Cortex Roleplaying

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Dearest Role-players of Cortex. This article of words, is a simple guide. To teach you, how to roleplay "properly". Now I know a lot of you consider your style of roleplaying correct and I am not implying that it is horrid, deformed or abnormal in any way. I am merely writing this guide so that you may improve, as every living organism does require adaptation. Without further wait, I present the Guide to Decent Roleplaying

The Basics
First off, if you are not aware what Cortex Roleplay is, here is a brief summary.

Cortex is a custom game introduced on the release of Starcraft 2. The point of the game is to form a plot/story-line with other players. However instead of "reading" the story. You are in it. Creating generic characters, homes, and massive utopias, Cortex has a near infinite amount of possibilities. Now before you make your character think. Don't ponder, "OH, MY CHARACTER IS GOING TO BE SOOO COOL, (S)HE'S GOING TO HAVE A HUGE SNIPER RIFLE, OR MACHINE GUN AND HUGE MUSCLES. AND (S)HE'LL BE SHOOTING ALIENS AND THROWING EXPLOSIVES. BOOM BOOM!" Because that thinking creates characters that are too generic. And before you start jeering me, saying I'm a, "Non-creative person who probably hasn't roleplayed before."

Look, have you ever seen a character that acts like that in a real book? (Maybe once or twice. But those are exceptions) Just remember, your character is under human-limits (Unless an alien of sort, but he must have limits as well) and he/she must also act human. Obviously he/she can still be a back-stabber, cold heartless killer.

If you are unsure how to play, please visit this link.

Here we go

Now first thing is first when you decide to roleplay.


Every decent to "bauss" roleplay has these three aspects. As much as my grammar is horrible (as you can tell by the typing), this guide is to help you improve at roleplaying.
When a character speaks, he/she should have capitalization, punctuation if the statement requires, and grammar. For example, would a real person speak like this in real life?

Generic Character: I R SO C00L, WE JUST OWNED THOSE PEOPLE. LOLLOLOLLOLOLOLOL 1337 SP3AK. R u part of teh military?

Obviously not, which is what takes away from the roleplaying experience. An actual human would speak more like this.

Generic Character 2: Good afternoon ol' chap. I see you are enjoying your time with that new garrison rifle?

See how I added the apostrophe when he said "old". Some roleplayers will do this to add an accent to their characters. If you have your characters speak like this, you are on the right track to proper and good roleplaying.

Personality, Stats, and Looks
Now when making your character, think of something original or at least try. If you can't, recycle a few old ideas, but not too many or it'll just ruin the persona. Now I've observed in "public" roleplays, that people tend to make their characters so "uber" and kill a bunch of spawned enemies. That sort of roleplaying thinking is redundant, and doesn't add much to the plot (unless really thought out).

The personality of the character should be generic, but also original at the same time. Add a few kinks to his personality, like a psychological disease, or xenophobia. For example, a character who just seems bad-!@#, "Elite", and meant to help others in need is overused. Try a different approach, as stated before. He/She could be insane, xenophobic or something you can think of. Just don't go overboard.

Now for looks. I see a lot of people compelled to use the looks from the model they spawned. I do it sometimes, but never with my main characters. For example, someone who spawned a "Nova" will make the character look like Nova with short blonde hair and a sniper rifle. Kill that visual in your head and burn it until the ashes are gone. Think of your own visual on how you want your character to look. How you want her/him to seem. The best way to show that your character does not match its model is doing a (vivid) description of your character. This is optional, but it greatly adds to the story.

This part is for hosts only. Now I've observed, that many of you prefer themes like, "Zombies, Crash, Prison Break etc." The truth is those themes as well as Government vs. Rebels, World War, Colonies, are overused. Which doesn't make them much fun. Now a lot of you claim it's fun. Only because you see a bunch of gunfire, explosions which again. Does not add to the plot.

Also, combining overused themes is even worse. Often derailing the entire plot and leaving the roleplayers to kill each other for no legitimate reason.

If I may suggest from your free time. Think of a story, a timeline where everyone can get involved. If you do manage to get this "epic" theme into a roleplay I congratulate you as you have just forged a successful roleplay. All you need is roleplayers willing to cooperate. If you are unable to create a "killer" theme. I suggest going with a free theme as it does not inhibit the imaginative properties of the human mind.

(-List of Overused Themes-)

-Zombies/Infestation- Basic theme where one player or smarthostile are zombies. They basically roam everywhere, uber massing and etc. There is no actual roleplaying in this as hosts say that the zombies should mass. Secondly, roleplayers almost never use characters, they merely use a militaristic organization that constantly yell, "WHAT IS THAT!? KILL IT NOW!" The two are basically the same due to the fact that EVERY PERSON ACTS LIKE A ZOMBIE AND EATING YOUR FLESH.

-Government vs. Rebels- This theme is one of the worst "public" themes that could be used. As it basically is the Starcraft 2 Campaign itself. Everyone portrays the government as some tyrannical leadership when they can never think of something original. And all people do in this theme is kill. No actual roleplaying as the rebels always have the larger numbers and better technology than the government. Which frankly makes no sense.

-Colonies- This theme has no sense whatsoever. You settle down on a planet making colonies, some boring bull!@#$. This theme would be good if people could actually roleplay it. But many people just roleplay as militaristic organizations, which basically turns this into a free for all roleplay, or more correctly. Bloodbath with no plot whatsoever.

-World War/Factions- Similiar to Government vs. Rebels, this theme isn't considered a theme at all. It's basic league where people build, make armies, kill each other, etc. It gets to the point where everyone has uber soldiers with super-advanced technology. BOOM BOOM, EVERYONE DEAD YAY YAYAYAYA.

-Prison Break- I've never seen this theme used, but I can see a large amount of flaws in it. The host always says that you start out as a prisoner, and you have to try to escape. And I know from expierence, everyone will escape to get a happy ending. Some explosion in the wall or the prisoners rioting. But once the prisoners escape, where do you go? BASIC FREE THEME AFTERWARDS

-Post Apocalypse- Or shortened to Apoc or Post Apoc. This theme isn't half-bad, if you can roleplay it, but many and I mean MANY people never roleplay this actual theme. It basically has the same outcome as colonies. Everyone decides to be some weird-!@# militaristic organization, hyper-tech and all of this advanced $%^- when they're in the middle of a technological "drought" in a way. This then later ends up as Bloodbath with no plot whatsoever as said before.

(-More to Come-)


Aight, I want all of you to read this part very carefully. If you do end up being the host, don't be a @*** or an !@#$%^-. It's not only worst than trolling, but it ruins the roleplaying expierence, I met a guy who I will gladly say his name, who was a @*** for the entire time I was in there. "Deus I don't like your smart-*!@ trolling mouth so shut the #$%^ up and do something." (-Note I was discussing on how there were more elaborate ways to troll and how to avoid them.-)

His username is Ruggey, feel free to troll and annoy the -*!@ out of this guy. (Although you really shouldn't, as it isn't nice :3) That aside, this section was to show that you should really take care as host. Oh and don't leave the game without promoting someone. It will make you look really... really.... stupid. (Promote someone with decent knowledge as well)

Note on Trolls. Most of the trolls of Cortex Roleplaying reside in a channel which I will not disclose its name due to "personal" matters. Many of them troll for two reasons. Either for the fun of it and watching people react with "WTF GET RID OF IT NAO" or because the said roleplay is so bad that it deserves "divine punishment". I have only trolled on two occasions. And that was to nuke a guy's overpowered stuff, and to out-troll the troll host. Below you will also find a list of trolls listed by TheSwarmLord, who was kind enough to do so. Not all of the information he posted is correct and at times can be grossly inaccurate, it is of your free will to believe him.

With the guide finished, and I do hope that you read most of it. I hope to see that many more roleplayers improve on their current status. Have fun with roleplaying, and please. Don't make a "SO UBER I R G00NA 0WN YOU N00B WITH 1337 SP3AK" character. <strong/>

A more in-depth guide can be found here.

(Tell this thread to every roleplayer you see now!)
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Lolol I will though. LIST OF TROLLS.
Vlaedar.(Cleaver Girl)
VonRidel.(One trick pony)
Naraxam.(Watch out for this one.)
TimmyOnFire.(Will try everything to ruin the game.)
Yankee.(Will ban you so far down you can't climb up.)
Muttley.(Oh god.)
MantaRayMan.(Comment coming)
PuppetMaster.(Will just godmod his way through your game.)
Preatorian(Mega rage attack!)
Tony.(Acts like an idiot to watch rage.)
Czarion.(Don't even try to bother just leave.)
Wasabi.(Makes OP warriors then teleports to your base and unallys.)
Shadowrend.(Dude he is a troll and will pwn you.)
Narks.(He can spam pics in a !@#$ sign.)
Deadpool.(Dreadpool more like it.)
Pygalisk.(A newb who starts crap.)
Toastinator.(Has his own model in Deliriums map.)
AnathemicOne.(He WANTS to be here.)
IceFrenzy.(OP mechas to kill you.)
Reapergodd.(God mods and thinks hes the best.)
CatOnFirerbrb.(Helps bender troll.)
JCQuiinn.(Usually with a group of trolls just get out.)
Xbye.(Rages and bans everyone.)
ChalkStorm.(A new troll to the field.)
Blahbah.(Just an idiot)
SpiritLayer.(MIA also uses pics to troll.)
Yeti.(Hes a #!!% who wants you to belive he does all the work for his maps.)
DarkEndless.(Hes okay but still trolls sometimes.)
The person who made this thread.(He lies about only trolling twice.)
TerranDef.(Biggest troll ever.)
Kyukon.(will try to ERP you.)
FireStorm.(Firewalls then blacks out the map.)
Mauroc.(You should know him by now.)
makeroflight.(lol is all that need sto be said.)
Piekan.(This guy has units with 100000 life. And those are his small infintry.)
Xethyr.(Just get out of the game now.)
Quackerilla.(Lol is you see him.)
TheLostAzn.(Xethrys bromance, %^-*buddys.)
Livarian.(He will troll.)
Adeptus.(Who is also insane.)
-Will add more later.-
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08/13/2011 11:29 AMPosted by TheSwarmLord
-Will add more later.-

Edit: Fail, I'm already there. DISREGARD THIS POST FOR YOUR OWN GOOD
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Never, ever, forget VonRidel on the list of trolls.
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To the person who listed the trolls. It is of your free will to believe it or not.

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I hate you dead, Swarm. Hate you dead.

That being said, nice guide.
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There got you all and included some more.

@MeatBucket Think of it as a warm welcome to the RPing channel.XD
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Mmmmk, you did not forget VonRidel, I take back my eariler comment!
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There got you all and included some more.

@MeatBucket Think of it as a warm welcome to the RPing channel.XD

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Watch out for VonRidel, he is a crafty one!
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(Edit) Mmmmmmmmk, now that we have that said......

Edited by VonRidel on 8/13/2011 11:47 AM PDT
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Double post !@#$%.
For a new list of trolls go to the channel Roleplaying. Then block EVERYONE IN THE CHANNEL and stay there thus making them rage.
That does not mean my list is outdated it has ALL the trolls.
Edited by TheSwarmLord on 8/13/2011 11:59 AM PDT
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:D to that swarm, :D to that.
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All of you should copy and paste my list and print it out. So next time you are in a public you can go over the trolls.
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Swarm himself is a troll.
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Thats why I put "me" in the list of trolls. DERP.
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TheSwarmLord: Lol!
I shall add Yankee!
To teh list.
Swarm is tehcoole Fire.
He is helping the publics.
By getting rid of all the good RPers.

From the Snakes mouth disregard his list
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Lol FireStorm stop making up crap. I need to take a break from lulzing over your lies.

I shall be adding small comments to the list about each of these people so you know what to except my dear friends.


This must be bumped for all the good it does,
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08/13/2011 11:29 AMPosted by TheSwarmLord

Suggestion: (Master Troll. He makes children cry at night. And he @!%#s goats.)
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