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Sometimes, I don't want to come here

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The flaming and harassing (perhaps too harsh of a term, so for lack of a more appropriate one) really ruins this site for me, and others I know. Many of my friends don't come on here because of their experiences on the WoW forums, and I am starting to feel that way because of what I've seen here.

Admittedly, this post is inadvertently going to make the problem sound way worse than it really is. And at times, I think people are just frustrated with trolls and spammers, which is understandable. Furthermore, I realize that the wide array of personalities just comes with the territory of online forums. And it's cool that the mods tolerate a little venting and aren't too strict to get after everybody who has a questionable post.

There have been times that I came on here frustrated and contributed to the negativity, but I was put in my place real fast. Although, part of that was because I am mature enough to realize my momentary immaturity and correct it (paradox, I know- I'm human).

I wish there was some kind of a warning system, like I've seen on other forums such as and Or if there is, I wish it was a little more strictly enforced.

To be fair, I will continue to come here no matter what. All things considered, this is a very well run forum site, in my honest opinion. News is updated fast, there are many places to chat and ask questions. I have found help to campaign struggles on here. The good far out-weighs the bad, 100-fold. Having said that, I just wanted to give some feedback that I, and others I know, have noticed that this site tends to be a little more hostile (perhaps that's a better word than "harassing") than other forum sites we're on and it's discouraging at times. That's all.

Thanks for your time in reading this.
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It can get annoying sometimes, but if you help out by reporting hostile posts, the moderators usually do a good job of taking care of things.
To report a post, hover over it, and the like and dislike buttons appear. If you click the dislike button you can rate it as dislike, trolling, spam, or report it.
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The thumbs down arrow allows you to select Report Post. You can report posts for Harassment, Trolling, "Not Specified", and Other - as well as some other selections.

If anyone makes an aggressive post or acts inappropriately, by all means report them!

Reported posts are reviewed by the Moderation team and the appropriate action is taken. (I've had a post I reported removed in ~15 minutes - though its not necessarily the norm, the more people that report the post the quicker it'll be removed)

Sometimes for minor offenses the poster will be given a warning or temporary ban. Repeat or major offenses, they'll get a permanent ban.

The more posts reported (and the better the forums are moderated) the better posters it will attract!

Of course, the moderation team does to moderation independent of reported posts as well.

It comes to a certain point were if you moderate too much, theres nothing left or you take out the fun. You can't change peoples attitudes, and the Sc2 forums have always welcomed players of all skill so it might never as up to snuff as some might like.

EDIT: Yeah, took to long writing this. :P
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You also have to keep in mind that there will be a lot more people here than on fansites and they are generally coming here to QQ and rage. Yes, there is definitely a good amount of decent users who come here for some great discussion and that's what makes these forums great. But when you think about it, people who want to support the game itself will, for the most part, frequent fansite forums, whereas people who want to complain directly to Blizzard will come here and post, assuming their voices will be heard, ;).

Obviously most of us won't notice this on a day to day basis, but in the greater scheme of things, that's how it looks. Now, like I said, there are great posters, so don't let anyone discourage you from posting, because hey... Maybe you'll make it a better place! =).
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