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WHY did Mengsk abandon Kerrigan?

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Never answer all the questions is story telling 102.
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Because the story only works if Kerrigan gets left behind.
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Kerrigan and raynor agreed allot so Mengsk probably thought " best 2 people r gettong along very well and somewhat dissaprove of me.....THREAT 2 MY LEADERSHIP."

So he makes Kerrigan go down and get herself killed in by the zerg. 1 down. Though then y rescue raynor......thoughts?
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Going just off of in-game story, Mengsk abandoned Kerrigan because he knew he was soon going to be crossing lines that Kerrigan would never allow. All the crap about his dad was retconned in later.
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Yes, but being as it so heavily impacts Starcraft II's plotline - to such a degree Blizzard paid for a very lavish cutscene showing Kerrigan's fall at New Gettysburg - that it should have been explained to the audience, being it's been some 11 years since that particular story element was first played out.

Starcraft II didn't explain it - leaving the OP with questions. It's story telling 101.

they fill you in on the story during installation.
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It had something to do with her questioning Mensk when he wanted to use psi emitters to lure zerg and use them as a weapon.
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Killed Angus Mengsk and she outlived her usefulness. I think this would be the most logical explanation IMO, because they seem to show Arcturus as a villain, albeit a smart one who is ruthless. Almost reminds me of Cao Cao if anyone has read Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I've always viewed them as similar in the type of characters they are.
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It didn't make much sense to me either.

Yes, Kerrigan assassinated Mengsk's father. However, betraying her could only hurt him. Kerrigan wasn't any threat to him. She was completely loyal. Even when Mengsk ordered Kerrigan to neutralize the Protoss forces so that the zerg could successfully overrun the world and slaughter billions of people she was still defending him to Raynor. She was the very definition of loyal.

So if Mengsk leaves her to die all he gains is some payback for her killing his family.
However, if Mengsk leaves her to die he loses a loyal second in command. He loses the most powerful Terran psychic that the sector had ever seen. And he must have known that Raynor wouldn't stand by and let him do that. So that means that he loses Raynor and any forces loyal to him. And since Raynor and the Magistrate were BFF's, it likely would have meant losing him and any forces loyal to him as well.

I still can't see him risking all of that just for a little revenge.
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There are multiple reasons why Mengsk betrayed Kerrigan, but they're never really stated. That's bad storytelling, but I'll give Blizzard some leeway since RTS + Story = Kind of a new thing to them.

1. Suspicion: Kerrigan had been pretty loyal, but she has gotten close with Raynor, who was definitely NOT okay with the things they have been doing (it was really just a matter of time before he split with Mengsk). As well, she has already started to express reservations about Mengsk (he'll come around, we'll take care of the zerg later, etc). Mengsk knows from personal experience that a ghost like Kerrigan doesn't tender a resignation, if she disagrees with you, the first you'll hear about it is from the bullet she's shooting into your head. Pre-emptive strikes is the only real way to protect yourself from a ghost.

2. Reputation: Sending troops to save the ground force has the unfortunate side effect of keeping the witnesses to your atrocity alive. Everyone who goes to save them also become witnesses. As well, you would have to fight back the waves of aliens to set up a drop zone, increasing exposure time for some confederate spy ship to see them transporting troops to and from the fleet. We already know that terrans responded... unfavorably... to the idea that their leader sent a zerg swarm to eat billions of people on the planet. If Mengsk just lets them get overrun, Mengsk could just say the group was sent to fight the zerg, not protect them, and no one but Jim would be the wiser. That is, of course, assuming anyone notices their absence at all.

3. He's Stupid: According to the fluff, mengsk is just a politician. His strengths were riling up people and getting them to stick with a cause. For all we know, he honestly thought that Kerrigan was doomed and sending any troops down would just be suicide, and decided to cut his losses. Cold, but he didn't get this far by being warm.

As for why he didn't send Jim down as well, in the dialogue of the mission Jim makes it pretty clear he disagrees with this whole situation and I think Mengsk wanted to keep him as far away from the mission as possible so he wouldn't just disobey orders and throw the whole plan into the trash.
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Well I don't see how she was a threat. She was extremely obedient and a useful asset. Mengsk is selfish, but he also likes assets. No reason to throw such a resource away like that. And again, if he was PLANNING to get rid of her, why not do the same to Raynor?

And when did they say that Sarah killed his parents???

He sent the zerg to kill a planet. She was a loose end after all she was the one who did the job. If that info got out how would he rule the sector if people were aware. That's why he trashed raynors rep and branded him an outlaw(its the way of the politician after all).
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There are two elements as to why Mengsk didn't save Kerrigan. One: The Overmind had been obbsessed with locating Kerrigan, which is why they massively converge on her position. Two: Mengsk is to much of a coward to risk his life rescuing a tool that outlived her usefulness.
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The problem is too few people actually read the Starcraft books. So the majority criticizes Blizzard for lack of explanation when they clearly state such answers in the not as popular book series. These people need to look around more >.>

One reason is that Kerrigan already showed some evidence that she was doubting Mengk's judgement. Didn't any of you play the SC1 Terran Mission 6, 7 or 9? If not, she actually questioned some of Mengsk's choices in those missions. Obviously, Mengsk wasn't about to let a doubting resource become rogue and so decided it best to leave her to 'die' at the hands of the Zerg. The result was he created two enemies: Infested Kerrigan and Raynor.

And yes, Kerrigan did kill Arcturus' father. Starcraft: Uprising confirms it and it came out before SC2.
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I understand the confusion if you've only played StarCraft 1, since there's no real explanation. However, in Wings of Liberty, *Spoilers Start* right after the mission where you discover the message on the adjutant that exposes Mengsk *Spoilers End*, you can talk to Tychus. In that conversation, Jim specifically states that Mengsk left her there because she called him out on the use of the Psi Emitter.

For an aspiring Emperor, that's more than enough reason. He's not going to allow his second in command to hold that significant a trump card. Of course you can dive further into the lore if you want, but SC2 does give a very brief, but legitimate reason.
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Isnt it possible that Mengsk just simply didnt feel like risking the entire fleet to save some cannon fodder?

Kerrigan was a tool that he valued but it was a tool at the end of the day. Better to let her die then risk the entire fleet to save her
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Isnt it possible that Mengsk just simply didnt feel like risking the entire fleet to save some cannon fodder?

Kerrigan was a tool that he valued but it was a tool at the end of the day. Better to let her die then risk the entire fleet to save her

She was just a weapon to him, and one that had outlived her usefulness. She demonstrated a squeamishness to his ruthless, 'no matter the cost' tactics, and wasn't willing to let this possibility of dissension spread into the rest of his forces. It was also an opportune time to exact vengeance for her killing his father. And it sent a cold message to the rest of his forces: their loyalty was all that mattered to him. If they questioned him or his goals, he'd have them killed.
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08/10/2011 11:55 PMPosted by Valkar
So I have completed all the single player campaigns and am just massively disappointed at the total lack of an explanation for WHY Mengsk abandoned Kerrigan at New Gettysburg. I was really hoping in SC2 we might get more insight from either Raynor or Mengsk as to why it happened, but no such luck.

I basically agree, in so far as I would have liked to see Mengsk be portrayed as a more nuanced character, and less of the cartoonish supervillain role to which he wound up being relegated. When you think about it dispassionately, however, Mengsk's more villainous act isn't abandoning Kerrigan. She's a soldier and he's commanding any army. His decision could easily be portrayed as a decision to avoid further losses of his troops, whose lives should be at least as important as that of Kerrigan and her detachment. What's the more villainous act is using the Psi-Emitters to destroy Tarsonis in the first place, and that's an act that both Raynor and Kerrigan went along with.

What I find interesting to contemplate is whether Mengsk's accusations of the Confederacy using the Psi-Emitters on Mar Sara were true. Was it just a lie to justify his use of the Psi Emitters on his enemies? Or did he really have evidence that the Confederacy was using Mar Sara as a weapons test? I think the latter would have been far more interesting, personally, since it makes Mengsk far less of a caricature.
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Where is that stuff about the father being decapitated from? A book or something? I don't remember it in game at all.

The decapitation was in the original StarCraft manual:

Like I said in that thread, Arcturus' motives for vengeance isn't really altered by the novels (which suggest Kerrigan was one of the killers). Kerrigan was a Ghost. She murdered enemies of the Confederates. Arcturus' father was killed by Ghosts and was seen as an enemy to Confederate interests. That stuff is canon. She might as well have removed his head anyway.

03/13/2013 08:32 AMPosted by TheJackal
When you think about it dispassionately, however, Mengsk's more villainous act isn't abandoning Kerrigan. She's a soldier and he's commanding any army. His decision could easily be portrayed as a decision to avoid further losses of his troops, whose lives should be at least as important as that of Kerrigan and her detachment.

This is a good point. She is elevated higher in the story by Jim's feelings towards her and I don't think Jim's emotions should be the big decider on whether Arcturus is good or bad.

However, Arcturus' famous "I WILL NOT BE STOPPED" rant does suggest he was thinking more of himself than his troops.
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Skimming the thread so excuse me if it's been mentioned, but as I see it the reasoning is:

A) He didn't consider it worth the resources to extract her, since her task was complete and the zerg were overwhelming Tarsonis, as intended. Extracting Kerrigan might distract the Zerg from their assault on the planet.

B) In the ebook, "Uprising" we learn that Kerrigan deeply probed Mengsk's mind for the first time shortly before that mission and saw that he was not as benevolent as she had believed. He could have considered her unsuitable for his plans if she no longer viewed him as a heroic figure.
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