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Edit Post Breaks Links [Bug]

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After editing a post, links in that post will break and show the anchor tags (<a>, </a>).
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I'd really like it if this could be fixed - its like murder trying to update certain posts of my Sticky Forum Guide thread ( ) =(

Example, edition the section with links to game guides turns into this:


<a href=""></a> - Protoss Videos and Tutorials by KaelSC - Updated Daily!
<a href=""></a> - Myco's Guide to Lower Leagued toss players
<a href=""></a> - Protoss Micro Tips
<a href=""></a> - PvZ Overview REPOST
<a href=""></a> - Protoss Strategy: Basic openers and tactics
<a href=""></a> - IntoTheLight's ProtossLite Guide [P]
<a href=""></a> - PvZ Guide : 3 Gate FE
<a href=""></a> - Offering Help
<a href=""></a> - Jimmy's Big Bad List of Threads For AIUR!!!
<a href=""></a> - Ask nGen anything - Protoss Edition

etc. Which is a lot of links to fix. x_x
Edited by TheSkunk on 8/31/2011 3:03 PM PDT
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Same here. This is really tedious an annoying to work around. Please fix it Blizz =S.
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In the mean time, JMan, you can use this:

First install greasemonkey on firefox. Than copy and paste Maged's script into a text file and save it as something.user.js. Drag the file into firefox. It should bring a Greasemonkey popup up.
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09/25/2011 05:38 AMPosted by TheSkunk
n the mean time, JMan, you can use this:

Thanks, but what the heck is greasemonkey and what does it do? =P
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You can get it to work in other browsers as well, I use it in Opera.

It just allows you to use small bits of custom-made Javascript to "Customize the way a web page displays or behaves"

The script just automatically deletes the screwed up parts, not prevents it from happening.
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ah, okay, nice. Thanks!
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