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Cloaked Love Part 3

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OOC: who's up for a round? Drinks on me.
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OOC: I'm to young to drink but it would help my ego...
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Gabriel grinned. Fixing himself another Tychus, he turns his attention back towards the comm.

"Well, people in our occupation tend to collect them, so I just figured I'd ask."
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Gabriel notes the flashing comm, and answers.

"Who wants to kill me now?"

How do you answer a question like that?

"Um, lets see I'm sure the dominion wants you dead. I know some crazy protoss want you dead. You probably know better than me about the rest. I'm not on the list today. Asked and answered next."

There not dead yet..
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OOC: We're online, pick an age. Doesn't matter. The best part of drinking online is no hangover. I've got a menu if you want it.
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Ok,that makes sense. "Pleased that I didn't make the 'would be killers' list any longer?"
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"Depends. Do I need to add you to a list? Both mine are quite long."
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"No, I'm a killer. Not a 'would be'."
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Grins as he takes a sip. "Wrong list. The only ones I have are people who want me dead, and those who aren't alive anymore to try."
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"Where does the guy in the ship with you fit?"
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Glances back at the cabin, where Mark slumbers. "The first. I haven't needed to move him."
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OOC: anybody interested in those drinks? Firebats are nice, they burn as much coming up as they do going down.
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"I see.... anyway don't freak out. The protoss haven't caught up to you yet."
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Gabriel raises his eyebrow. "And which are you referring to? I've already got one on the 'want to kill me' list."
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your targeting comp: Protoss Phoenix on your 6. Recommend evasive action.
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OOC: A Firebat sounds nice right now.
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Glances at the warning on the sensor board, and simply smiles. "So, that's where you are hiding. But can you find me?"

OOC: remember, Gabriel cloaked his own ship.
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"I'm two-hundred and fifty feet behind you."
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OOC: ah, but that's not all I have. I've got the Zergling 'Special', but I don't recommended it. There's the Jim Raynor, if you like warm in a dirty glass. If you want something more exotic, there's the Psi-storm.
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Laughs. Time to have some fun. Masking his psi-signature again, he manipulates the unknown ship's sensors, completely scrambling them.
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