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Jumping Mouse and Monitor Display Issues

I recently bought the i5 13 inch Macbook Pro (with performance, of course, not in mind), and everything runs pretty smoothly.

Except when I play on a monitor hooked up to my laptop through a hdmi/miniport converter, then my mouse jumps inches across the screen randomly, and more than half the time when I try to boot up SC2 the screen doesn't fit to the monitor's size, no matter what resolution I try (some are better than others, but I can never see my mineral count), or if I open in windowed/fullscreen mode.

I've tried pretty much everything, just to see if there was a trick to making it work that I could just do every time I wanted to play on my monitor, *because sometimes it randomly works 100% fine.*

Game works perfectly when I'm just using my laptop screen, but is royally messed up as soon as I put in on my monitor.

I'm using a wireless USB Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard, and I'm on a Haier 19inch HDTV (that I got for free :D).

*As an update, I just played on my laptop screen, and the mouse jumping still occurs. It's very frustrating when you're trying to do miniscule movements. But also, the jumping is occurring outside of SC2, so I'm going to go update my drivers and all that jazz. But the screen size issue is still persisting.

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The fullscreen mouse jumping issue is a known issue and is being worked on. This is seen when using dual displays. I dunno if this is what you're talking about.

The wireless USB mouse is something that is due to the aluminum unibody, the use wireless dongle, and the location of it. This issue ceases when you use a normal USB wired mouse, a Bluetooth mouse, or use a usb extender/plug it in on a external keyboard.

As for the screensize issue. Are u playing with both monitors active (dual screen), or is the MBP closed and the external is the main display? If you play in dual screen mode, which is set to your main display (which screen has the Mac menu gray bar.), and are you playing in Window, Window (fullscreen), or Fullscreen mode?
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Hmm, I'd say the mouse problems are 50/50 Mac and SC2 in full screen then.

The mouse rarely acts up, but when I open Starcraft it is either unplayable with the mouse jumps or completely fine. But that's purely chance as well, as I've tried windowed, fullscreen, resolutions, both monitors, etc, and it either acts up or it doesn't, 50/50 upon booting SC2.

As for the resolution being messed up, the only way I can actually play the game (see the minerals) is when I play fullscreen, Window (fullscreen), or windowed mode on my Laptop screen, disconnected from the monitor. Or, when I'm connected to the monitor and playing in windowed mode I can see my minerals as well, regardless of whether the MBP display is open.

Otherwise, I've yet to open SC2 recently where the resolution fits my screen (full screen mode) with my dual monitors connected, regardless of whether the MBP display is open.

The couple of times I have gotten the resolution to fit my monitor correctly in fullscreen mode, however, the MBP was closed and I had woken it from sleep remotely with my keyboard.

Playing on the monitor in windowed mode seems to exacerbate the mouse problem, so I'm just playing on my laptop regularly for now.

*I don't do dual screen (if I do, the MBP is the primary and I play it Windowed, and both screens experience the jumping), I usually do mirror, but the resolutions never work correctly fullscreen in mirror mode.
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The screen resolution issue is rare, but it looks like it's happens, and we are aware of it.

And with the mouse, are you able to test with a non wireless USB mouse perhaps? It could be the issue that I stated earlier.
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If you can't find it here, contact a rep direct : ---- Rate my Baaaaalue Posts. Haala at your sheep!
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Alright, thanks for the update on the resolution problem!

And I'll try a non-wireless mouse and get back to you on that.
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Alright, my wireless mouse was jumping, so I plugged in the wired mouse and voi'la, the jumping stopped.

Switched back and forth and the jumping only occurred with the wireless mouse, so it's most likely the aluminum unibody.

It's just strange because SC2 was the only program that really made the problem prominent, it never occurred when I was only using the desktop.

Idk if Apple could fix it, since it seems to be a glaring design flaw and hardware issue, but do you know of any fixes that don't include being wired down while I use this laptop? :(
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Mouse is now jumping for wired mouse :(

*Just a few times though. The jumping was very slight, and after a 5 hour gaming session it only happened twice. It's considerably less than the wireless.
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OK, it is 6/2/11 and this problem continues (or has cropped up again).
Every few seconds, my mouse slams full left or full right. I have a dual monitor.
Not possible to play. There was never a reported fix for this. How about it?
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Is this happen with a dual display setup or happening in single and dual display setups?
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i've got the same issue.
I've got a Mac Mini 2011, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB Ram & AMD Radeon HD 6630M 256 MB and 2 Dell S2240L displays one through the HDMI port and the other one via an Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. The main monitor is the one from the Mini DisplayPort.

My default refresh rate (for OS) is 60Hz NTSC and it's set to 1080p. if i change it to 1080i the image will be overscaned and will flicker. This is exactly what happens when i run the game also. The image is overcaned and flickery.

The same thing happens with both monitors, regardless which port i use (so it's not the displayPort).

It's very frustrating because i get a terrible headache after playing more than an hour... it's disappointing... This is a major bug...
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