Rhymed Couplets Contribute to the Adventure!

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Walkthrough of a TvZ using rhymed couplets

Oe'r the sands of Shakuras the sun did shine
And the cerebrate's drones started to mine.
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They looked were scary as ghouls
But they made a spawnin pool
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And with that pool they made a ling,
devoid of any sort of bling.
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And then that ling was told to spy,
but then got caught by an angry guy!
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OOC: C'mon guys! it's not that hard! Sigh...
Edited by Jake on 8/31/2011 5:12 PM PDT
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And that guy was scary,
and frankly, quite hairy.

OOC: I'm trying, I'm trying.
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He tried to maul me with his gun,
but with my bud he went to the sun.

And then we made our get-a-way,
before the rest came to the fray!
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The roaches finally hatched
The marines melted before the hatch

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But then we heard (but did not see)
The screaming engines of a Banshee
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Morph already you overlord,
Or I will have to pull my cord!

OOC: I'm reffering to the cord that connects people to the interwebs.
Edited by Jake on 9/1/2011 8:03 AM PDT
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But the mighty Crawlers,
came a-crawlin,
Edited by Vultureling on 9/1/2011 4:34 PM PDT
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and as Heaven's angels sang,
The Mutas formed their mighty gang.

They tore the Terran's left and right,
It's a slaughter, not a fight!

(I know it's not a guide for TvZ, but at least it's a TvZ fight)
Edited by Jake on 9/2/2011 11:56 AM PDT
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But then the mighty thor was there
and the mutas practically dissapeared
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But then ground began to shake,
The baneling swarm has been awaked!

Killing bases here and there,
There is no escape from death!
Edited by Jake on 9/2/2011 5:49 PM PDT
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I finally found his final base,
Almost time for the GG.

Wait omg you can't do that!
Get back here with those buildings!

Stop being an !@# and accept your fate,
okay, whatever, you'll never get a date.

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