A deadly game on the forbidden planet

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"This place is a morgue. Whatever used to live in these ruins up an' died millions of years ago."

Xel'naga technology capable to destroy entire stars was discovered by two rival rogue spectres that call themselves the Kings.

The Kings were once teammates, and during that period, stolen blueprints of the psi-disrupter; Forced huge scientific crowds to enhance them, and once completed, were able to control a fraction of the swarm on their own.

With the control of the Zergs, They dominated with terror a whole sector of the galaxy and assaulted many, many planets.

Greed and suspicions’, converted the kings into arch-enemies, and aware of each faction power they are desperately looking for an additional edge in their armament race.

The Xel'naga technology was discovered by the King spies (and their counter spies), and both have landed in a nearby location of the Xil planet.

There's so much as stake, and the kings have such a deadly Human/Zerg army, that even two opposite and dissident Tal'darim's factions, agreed to make a fragile alliance with each King.

There’s nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide (even to a spectre), as their landing zone is covered on various electromagnetic fields that nullify any cloaking ability, mechanical o biologic.

Their fortresses are assembled and the play board is set.



Do you like to play chess besides SC2?
Say it so in this thread and let people find you in game.

Check out ChessWars gameplay demonstrations (more to be added):

Legals Mate

Scholars Mate

Kostics trap

Submit your replays, comments and feedback to samirlugel@gmail.com

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You, my friend, have got yourself a game.
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Thumbs up.
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