I find it absolutely rediculous that I can't post to the WoW forums with an expired license. Especially since I am trying to post about some of the mechanics and reasons I quit. Its not like i'm trying to go flame the hell out of the forums, I can understand that restrictions based on license expiration would reduce that. But I genuinly loved the Universe of Warcraft, and when I see them asking for opinions on what they can do to make things better it bothers me that I have to sit back and see if someone else can hit it on the head.
I'm just trying to get my favorite MMO back..ok 2nd favorite, EQ I still <3 much, mostly for memories not for the gameplay I admit, but you get the idea. There are so many issues with the newer systems that I just couldn't get past and if I can let them in on what drove me away, I think it's a valid data point they might be interested in hearing.
No, I wasn't the most hardcore WoW player in the world, but I spent a fair share of time there. enough to rack up a decent list of experiences without really trying all that hard just by enjoying myself and playing the way I wanted to. Kinda feels like they went through and cookie cuttered everything and made it so you can only play one way for each class and build. If they fix some of the crap that made me leave, I'd come back, I know my 15 bucks doesn't mean much, but the years of time I spent there means something to me, and spending another year or two exploring would mean a lot to me to.