favorite tv show

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In order

Doctor Who
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Top Gear
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Various Anime
Lie to Me (cancelled D:)
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Either that 70's show or Beavis and Butt head
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I am a Walking Dead, Supernatural, Burn notice, Battlestar Galactica (Both), Terra Nova, Chuck, and Crinimal Minds fan. They are some of the better done shows. It's a shame that some of the better shows are going off the air. It would be nice if Blizzard would do a show from one of their many games.
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i have got to say i love doctor who and psych. but spongebob sparepants is the best show EVER!!!!!!!!!
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o yea top gear and castle are also very good:)
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Game of Thrones. Great series based off of the novels A song of ice and fire by george martin. The first episode will have you hooked!

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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dr house

probably the only thing i can stand watching on tv nowadays without getting ultra bored
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hmmm not sure, I am a big fan of walking dead, doctor who, and avatar the last airbender. I like scrubs and south park as well.
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A list of my favorites would have to include:

    Six Feet Under
    Night Court
    Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    True Blood
    Game of Thrones
    Twin Peaks (mostly the first season)
    MTV's Liquid Television
    Batttlestar Galactica (the original & re-imagined series)
    Star Trek (TNG, TOS, DS9)
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Robotech, doctor who, my little pony friendship is magic, phineas and ferb, avatar the last air bender, invader zim, torchwood.

all said 'mates
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There isn't currently anything on the air that I would say I love, but I enjoy several shows, note this only applies to things currently airing, not things I've seen.

Normal shows: Survivor, Community, Shark Tank, Modern Family. Criminal minds is pretty solid, but I'll rarely sit down to watch it. Now once The River starts up a second season, I can truthfully say there's something on TV I love. That show kicks a**.

Anime/animation: Bleach, Young Justice, South Park, Dragonball GT, Yu-Gi-Oh. For some reason I'm a sucker for crappy anime that doesn't take itself seriously. I wouldn't call GT or Yu-gi-oh (or even Bleach sometimes) good anime, but it satisfies the part of me that likes card games and in Dragonball's case, nostalgia. Now if you put a crappy anime in front of me and it's legitimately trying to be awesome, I won't even watch 4 episodes (Kekkaishi anyone?). These are just things that are currently airing, there's been a lot better anime choices in the past.

On a separate note, what's with the influx of "pocket monster" shows these days? We have Bakugan, Monsuno, and of course Pokemon. We have other shows in the same "control something else during battle" vein like Tai Chi Chasers, Beyblade (*vomits*), and two flavors of Yu-Gi-Oh (classic and Zexal). Seems like every show is doing the same thing : / WTB new ideas.
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My Little Pony
Big Bang Theory
How I Met your Mother
Two and A Half men before they got rid of Charlie Sheen, now its meh :/ Still good though imo
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Breaking Bad

and The Office
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24, prison break, the x files, lost, the walking dead, breaking bad
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Stargate SG-1
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Pair of Kings
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All time - 24. Jack Bauer is a badass.

Currently I watch Numb3rs and Psych. Love crime dramas/comedies :D
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Robotech, doctor who, my little pony friendship is magic, phineas and ferb, avatar the last air bender, invader zim, torchwood.

all said 'mates

Same here, only i need to watch torchwood, and ima go watch GoT now
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South Park: Nuff said

Also, I HATE ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!
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