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Fullmetal Alchemist + Starcraft...?

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I think it'd be epic. Just as a fan fiction thing though, as I think any kind of large-scale production would take it too far off track.
Raynor+Alchemy vs Kerrigan = Awesome fight?
EDIT: Quick question about FMA/FMA:B
How is FMA:Brotherhood logically incorporated into the FMA storyline? I never got that...
And is there anything that reveals any information about what happens to Al and Ed in either of the endings of FMA/FMA:B? Ok.. kind of off topic. Sorry.
So... discuss?
EDIT (again): Not sure if this belongs here or is allowed, oh well.
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On the cross over just no... just no...

On your Question. Full Metal Alchemist was a manga before it was an anime the anime started to branch off into a separate story following the events at Laboratory 13. This is why all the characters are different, the Hommunclus are different because it diverged.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the faithful adaptation of the manga. Meaning their is no changes to it. So basically Brotherhood stays constant to the manga when FMA branched off into its own story. So the first 20 or so episodes of FMA can be considered canon to FMA:B while the rest is non-canon. While all of FMA:B is canon to the manga and therefore the truest form of Full Metal Alchemist as it follows the authors story.
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I dunno about the original anime for Full Metal Alchemist, but Brotherhood is fairly true to the manga. Changes are extremely small (Mostly moving around flashbacks, took out a few insignificant details, only added one scene), but perfectly acceptable. I've never really been a big TV person, but I found Brotherhood to be as good as the manga, if not a little bit better in some scenes. The ending is the same as in the manga. I dunno if you know it or not so I won't drop any spoilers.

As for the original post...Full metal alchemist, my favorite manga, combined with Starcraft, my favorite game....ZOMG AMAZING.
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FMA: Brotherhood shows what happens to some main characters after the story ends. And that is all that I will say about that.
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So... instead of the Alchemists, they are Protoss?

The Homunculi Zerg?

The people are Terran?

idk lol But I wanna see a protoss with Ed's attitude.
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10/14/2011 02:14 AMPosted by Fors
FMA: Brotherhood shows what happens to some main characters after the story ends. And that is all that I will say about that.

No its not... You're talking about Full Metal Alchemist: Conquerors of Shamballa which is the movie final of the first anime...
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Surprisingly this show has a good story, but its dignity is ruined by stupid slapstick humor and stupid characters (Major Armstrong).
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