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How many hours of sleep do you get each night

I didnt think this was weird until i spoke with some other people about it. I usually sleep like 10-12 hours per night (I need lots of sleep). But my friends told me that is a colossal amount of time to sleep, and that sometimes they sleep for as little as 4-6 hours. So im curious if im wierd. How much sleep do u get?
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about 8 for me but most of it is spent dreaming of starcraft so i dont get much sleep.
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You get FAR more sleep than the average teenager.

That said, you are probably better off. Studies have shown repeatedly that sleep helps you grow taller, as well as increase your overall well-being.

Keep the zzzzzzz going.
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Sleep more.


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6-7 on weekdays 10-12 weekends
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Recently 0-3. -_-
Curse you insomnia!
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6-7 on school days 8-9 on weekends but most of it is spend dreamin bout
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In that order too.
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7-10 hrs

High runes
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I sleep around 8-10 hours. some days I might go lower, like say 6-7, but one time I only got 3 since we were staying up so late (I was at a B-day party) and so we woke up at 6, and I'm not sre about the others, but I practically fell uncouncious at 6:30 later in the day!
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Also, if u guys can remember, what do you dream about? This is purely for curiosity purposes.

I usually dream about:

smoking pot (i don't understand this at all, trust me lol)
eating fries from that Greek restaurant Opa
engaging in really weird activities (like ostrich racing or bone breaking)
falling off of pretty much everything (i fall off the Eiffel tower regularly)
and usually a short but sweet period of dreaming about girls.

Share your dreams!
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Weekdays- 10ish hours of sleep
Weekends- Normally about 6-7 hours of sleep

and I normally don't dream at all (or just can't remember it) but when I do it's just somwthing random...
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Weekdays 6-7
Weekends 8-9
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I hardly ever remember my dreams, but when I do they're always really random and wierd. Only one I can recall atm was once when I was dreaming I was about to eat a pie and then I woke up and I was like "NOOOOOOO!".
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09/28/2011 06:36 AMPosted by IAreLemons
I hardly ever remember my dreams, but when I do they're always really random and wierd. Only one I can recall atm was once when I was dreaming I was about to eat a pie and then I woke up and I was like "NOOOOOOO!".

haha, lol damn pies always manage to escape. One time i had a dream like that except i got hit by car and i woke up as i was about to die. I got outside to go to work and see that my car has been totalled by some dumbass in an SUV. I think god is messing with me.
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i get about 5 hours of sleep a day during the week 14 a day on weekend and during the week I usually resort to multiple 5 hour energies a day to keep going. I don't have good dreams that are random. I have really really bad dreams. like really freaking horrible. Im being genetically expirmented on and then hunted down by the government, vampires have killed everyone but me and im running for my life, its a zombie apocolyse (zombie dreams are usually fairly vivid), im scuba diving in an underground cavern and im watching the air in my tank slowly go down to zero and i slowly start to suffocate, I have to kill friends for un-speakable reasons (often that they are a zombie or a vampire but there are others), Im being pushed off a cliff by other people, im being buried alive in hot coals, etc. The only good dreams i have are sexual ones of which i can only remember ever having 3. of course for me dreams are a pretty rare thing but I almost never enjoy them for above stated reasons. Oddly enough with my current highly erratic sleep schleude I havent had any dreams, maybe its because my brain knows that I really don't want to deal with pyschological torture while Im asleep.
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I get about 7-8 hours of sleep but i wish i got as much as you
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