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How to complete all 25 missions [QUESTION]

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I have recently started up campaign to do the game on brutal difficulty for the portrait achievement. However, after finishing the game, I have noticed that I do not have all the missions complete. How does one do the missions you were forced to skip by choice? Doing them in the mission archives does not seem to count them towards the missions completed tab at the bottom of the archive screen.
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Actually, they do count if you finish them thru the archives. Maybe a bug is amidst?

*there are a total of 26 missions
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Odd, because completing them do not count towards it.

Also, the archives counter says 21/25, so I assumed 25, but it is wrong?
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You are missing the following missions done on brutal.

Ghost of a Chance
Great Train Robbery
Piercing the Shroud
Whispers of Doom
A sinister Turn
Echos of the Future
In Utter Darkness
The Dig
Shatter the Sky
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I realize I am missing missions, but my problem is that doing them in the mission archives do not count them towards the overall completed.
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Are you doing them while connected to the internet? If you're not, they won't count. Doing them through the archives should work however, there isn't any reason why they won't, unless you used cheats at any point.
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Serious and Complete Answer:

Only five things can cause this problem.

1. Your internet is not connected to SC2 when you finish the level.

2. The game patched when you had a saved game that you came back to.
----probably not this one because of the number of missions left

3. Cheat usage.
---- Stated clearly in between levels and when you load the save

4. You are playing on guest.
---- If its this one *facepalm*

5. Your game is broken.
----See someone from technical support.

If its not one of these than it is operator error or computer error.
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There are 29 missions in total

The counter shows x / 26 if you picked up the "secret document" when completing Media Blitz, otherwise it shows x / 25

The 3 remaining missions are the ones which you did not choose in your play through. You can complete them via the archive, the counter will not rise but they will register properly in your achievements

The counter also does not rise if you are playing missions via the archive after completing All In, but they will still register properly in your achievements
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I have the very same issue... not workin still!!!

I went back and completed the one mission that I didn't play (when you choose between two choices) yet it's still not working.

I was thinking, it might be the protoss missions!!!! I finished most of them but not the final one!
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OK, I know I'm a bit late and all but I gotta ask... I've done all 25 missions (OK so I didn't get the other ones) now I'm wanting to go and play the computer like I did in StarCraft (1), how do I do this ?

Now on to a different issue, how do I do the Zerg and the Protoss missions ? I can't seem to get to or even find them ? I try to click on Heart Of The Swarm and all I get is a sound like theres nothing there and a button towards the bottom left telling me to watch the movie, which I did but still can't play the Zerg or the Protoss ? Help ? What am I doing wrong ?
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Hey ZdrarrNatrin,

So you just want to play against the AI? There are two ways, each is a little different:

1) Under Matchmaking>Versus AI. With this game type you:
  • Will be given a random map picked from a preset pool
  • Cannot control the AI difficulty as it is determined for you based on your performance
  • You can play either single or teams
  • The teams must be equal (1v1, 2v2, 3v3)
  • Your allies will all be human (no AI's)
  • Your opponents will be all AI (no humans)

  • 2) Under Custom Games. With this game type you:
  • Can control all aspects: map, difficulty, allies/enemies, number of players, composition of players, AI strategies, etc.

  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    As for the problem you're having with the races, SC2 is divided into 3 completely separate parts:
    Wings of Liberty (contains the Terran Campaign)
    Heart of the Swarm (contains the Zerg Campaign)
    Legacy of the Void (will contain the Protoss campaign)

    Wol and Hots have been released, but Lotv has not as it's still in development.

  • Wings of Liberty is the Terran "episode" so the campaign in Wol is primarily Terran. There are 4 Protoss missions within the Terran campaign but no Zerg missions.

  • Heart of the Swarm is the Zerg "episode" (or Expansion) therefore the campaign in Hots is primarily Zerg. There is one Terran mission within the Zerg campaign but no Protoss missions. You would need to purchase Heart of the Swarm expansion in order to play any part of the campaign. Because you do not own Hots, you can only watch its opening cinematic

  • Legacy of the Void will be the Protoss "episode". Its campaign will be primarily Protoss. It's not released yet so I don't know much about it!

  • Just for future reference, this is an older thread and your questions are not really relevant to the thread's topic. If you are looking to post and aren't able to find something on your topic that isn't more than a few weeks old, post a brand new thread of your own. Avoid resurrecting old threads!

    GLHF against the AI!
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    THANK YOU for the information. I honestly didn't know / was smart enough to read the box BEFORE I bought it. And just to make sure, is it OK to reference this post / thread in future post so that it might help others ?

    Thank You Again,

    Zdrarr Natrine
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    MVP - Technical Support
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    Sure, it's ok to reference old threads, just avoid replying to them! Start a new thread if you can't find anything recent.
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    I just want to be clear because i'm not sure if I got it. I completed the game, including ALL IN, but it says that I've only done 19/25. I keep going back through to see what I missed, but it's not showing any missed missions. But obviously I missed 6 of them. How can I play them? Do I have to start over? If so, what do I have to do so that it doesn't happen again?
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