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Can you have multiple campaigns on the same computer? If I start a new WoL campaign (I'm afraid to, lol), will it overwrite the one I've just completed?

Because I seem to remember starting a couple of missions, but then restarting the campaign and the old completed missions disappeared.

I know, of course, that you can replay any mission, but I'm asking about a new campaign. Thanks.
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Yes, the missions you've completed will not count towards a new campaign.

You will still have save files from the previous campaign. If you save one to the Campaign folder, it's easy enough to reload that save and go back to the previous campaign. If all you have is autosaves, it's a bit more difficult, or it can be if you play long enough, but you could probably still go back.

Missions disappear of course, but achievements don't.
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I see, because in Warcraft III, you can create multiple profiles which would contain the campaigns. Smith could use his profile to play his missions, and Jones could use his to advance in his own. Is the idea to prevent members of the same family from all playing the game with one account?
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I don't know anything about multiple profiles.
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Just make a save on the old one then start a new damn campaign and have that one have its own save. How is that difficult? 2 different saves of 2 different campaigns aren't going to affect each other. You don't have to use that "Continue Campaign" button, just save/load files.
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I needed an answer on this point, too. thanks.
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