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Just downloaded it and decided to make a game. Im just curious- Where can I download water textures? How do I make a First Person View (for the game i dont want to bother making a character)? I will probably have more questions but I think thats good for now.
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For first person view, you need to track down three triggers.

Lock mouse camera relative mode on off
Turn Camera mouse rotation on/off
-(Both of those must be on, in a trigger with "map initialization" as an event)
Pan camera (Put this in a trigger with "periodic event" as an event)

You will also need to make a new camera. Go to the camera tab in the terrain editor. Then, mess around with the camera editor (View/Camera/Camera Editor, or press Shift+Alt+C), untill you have a camera that floats right behind your unit's head. In the camera tab, press "create camera". It will be set to your current view. After creating the camera, modify it's Z-offset to 1, this will make it float.

Back in the triggers, make a trigger with "map initialization" as it's event and put "apply camera object" as an action. Where it says WHAT camera object, find your camera, and put it there.

For the periodic pan camera trigger, make it so it looks like
(Pan Camera for player 1 to (Position of unit ((Put your unit's name here)) over 0 seconds with Existing Velocity% initial velocity, 10% decelaration, do not use smart panning)

This should get you started, but there are a few things that also need to be worked out.

-How to move the unit
-What hapens if the unit dies? Where does the camera go?
-How will the unit attack?

You can work that out yourself. However, I set you on the right track!

I hope this answers your "Firstperson View" question
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