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Achivements Not Earned.

Hi All,

Something is very strange, I have not earned the achivements in the mission MAW OF THE VOID and SAFE HAVEN while playing on the Normal Difficulty Level....

If you can see from my profile, I have recently earned couple of achievements which are of the later mission then these two.

After reading to couple of posts in this forum, i tried 2-3 times playing the missions again and ensuring that my connection to is not lost, but still all the tries in vain.

Can someone tell me how to fix this, or else this has to be fixed by Blizzard only?

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You are missing Safe Haven and Shatter the Sky
Make sure you are completing them on Normal difficulty while connected and not using cheats
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Hi Cabal,

I have played the Safe Haven, but even though it got completed, i did not received any achievements, also I did not got Shatter the Sky Mission.... I dont know why.....

Also, I have finished all in also but the potrait / rewards did not got unlocked.


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"i did not got" isnt proper english...its get
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Hi Starduck,

Firstly thanks for the correction...

But, I have not asked the question to correct my English; I have asked the question for some resolution.

There are so many short forms used in forums / chats, which we all can understand then you should ideally go to each and every single post and correct every one for their english mistakes.

Ultimately you got / understood what I questioned; I think that should be enough.

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Hey Vijit! I see you still haven't gotten the achieves you were after...

Are you using the Archives to replay the missions? If you played any missions prior to those on Casual, those missions may have also been played on Casual. Double check that you have the missions beat on Normal by checking the Archives.
(I'm sure you've already done that, though, so please excuse the basic trouble shooting approach.)

Also, check out some Youtube vids on Safe Haven "speed run" if you're having a tough time getting the Mothership down in time to save 3 colonies.

I hope some of this helps. ツ
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Hey Sheppard,

Where were you for these many days, I could not find you online also.... seems you are too busy in other multiplayer challenges..... LOL

Anyway, I restarted the campaign from beginning in normal difficulty, and then I got those achievements, I think this happened due to the latest patch (1.4....I guess) as these mission I played after the patch got deployed.

Now I have started in Hard, but got stuck in getting the achievement The Best Defense…in third mission "Zero Hour", I am not able to get the achievement; I have failed for many times... I have also watched some of the videos on YouTube tried those tactics also... but all in vain, can you tell me some easy way to get the achievement.

Also, tell me how to record the video of the game play and where does it get stored in that even I can upload some of those on YouTube ;-)

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Hey Sheppard,

Where were you for these many days, I could not find you online also.... seems you are too busy in other multiplayer challenges..... LOL

Yeah... I've been giving back some of my game time to my guitar! LoL
11/06/2011 07:03 PMPosted by Vijit
can you tell me some easy way to get the achievement.

I can't say it was easy, but the key, for me, was Marine, Marine, Marine, Marine, Medic... Over & over & over.
- I think I started 1 Rax w/a Reactor & the other w/a Tech Lab. (I rallied on a Medic)
- Constantly try to make SCVs, one at a time until the line is saturated..
- Upgrade weapons almost right away.
- Rescued the outside units.
- When I had 16-18 Marines & 8-6 Medics I'd start in on the bases on the left side of the map.
(Constantly making 2-3 Marines and then 2 Marines & a Medic.)

You'll lose a bunch of units. ( :( )

Most the time I'd "attack command" so I could take care of base duties; Sometimes I'd manually force the troops up a little and have them "Hold" to hit enemies with a big burst of weapons fire.

Oh, yeah... Two Bunkers (full) & Missile turrets at each bridge w/ 2 SCVs for repairs.
For recording... That can be a lot, so... This vid might help you out some:

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Pull the defence back to your main, defending one choke allows you to move a MM ball out without worries
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