Anyone else watching Big Bang Theory?

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Wil Wheaton was wearing a zerg T-shirt
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i saw that shat, i was hoping they'd make a remark on it or something.
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good show but i don't know when its on cause i don't care enuf to find out.
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It's on the internet whenever you want to watch it... learn to use search engines
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yeah but the reason i don't care enuf to find out is that i don't have enuf free time.
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Saw that episode too,
I wanted to post something else about the show but I found this thread first, so thought of posting it here, rather than making a new one.

I would love to see an episode where they play StarCraft II more focussed on Sheldon.

He could be not interested in the game & have never played before, until 1 of his friends suggested it & some how he gave it a try, willingly or not.

Playing dunno what race. (But he look like a Zerg kind of player.)
Seems the type sneaky & all, likes to play within character's bio & he look like a Hydra :D

During his first try in a "FFA", he failed terribly. than after losing 2 more times as each race, they wanted to stop but than, suddenly Sheldon said

"Ok. lets try this again."

They try to tell him to relax & not be a sore loser, but they ended up starting again.

Game after game, he beat all 3 of them. The last game they decide to gang up on him, but they were taken out by decicive planning on each race's weaknesses & super micro work.

Turns out, the first 3 games, he tried each race & with his eidetic memory & all, he understood every single race down to the build seconds per unit & structure.

Lenoard was amazed
L: "How did u do that? U didn't even know what to do during our first 3 games. How did u learn all that so fast"
S: "Don't be silly, all the instructions & details are on the screen, detailing their costs, build time, hotkey, ..."

(he goes on & on)

H: "yeah yeah yeah." (stopping him)
"ur saying u remembered them all in just 3 games?

Sheldon just stares at him & quote the obvious.

Eventually Rajesh got an idea for him to enter a competition.
Like the card game in the past, he showed no interest about it, till they convince him the money could get him something he's been after for some time. (whatever that is or could be another reason)

[Competitions] not necessary the ones being played globally.

During each games would like to hear him quoting stuff like,

1. "Don't be silly, there's no way he could grow a dozen mutalisk. at most he'd get is 11"
(based on what he saw when scouting / attacking & the time they're in the game, etc.)

2. After scouting the base & see no expo at the natural & went 1 round the main base he said
"He has a hidden expo somewhere."
"what? how do u know?"
"There's a missing Drone"
"You saw one at a tower"
"That's his 14th Drone, the 13th is missing."

3. during a mid game
"Ur under attack."
"I know"
"aren't u going to do anything"
"They're acceptable losses"
(without looking at the location, he count down what units is being lost by the supply number dropping. while he attack from behind.)

4. Just by looking at the map blips, he can execute a bane minefield on almost proper timing while focusing the screen in another area.

"What did u just do?"
"I've just taken out aproximately ... units & dmged a single tank out of 4."
(Based on the speed of 4 dots he estimated were tanks moving behind the marines but only 1 was near the vicinity.)

5. moving his mutas to attack / scout / harass, suddenly he moved up some infestors at his base entrance & out of the blue fungals the ground catching either Roaches/Infestors/DTs/Ghosts.
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Why the f*** is the my little pony thread longer than this one??

Big Bang Theory >>>>>> Any nickelodean, PBS, powerpuff girl copy and paste bullsh*t cartoon show for prepubescent children.

Don't. Understand. World.... Anymore...
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03/24/2012 10:56 PMPosted by Rio
Why the f*** is the my little pony thread longer than this one??

You don't know the power of the internet, do you?

1- Its from The Hub
2- Did you even watched it?
3- Ponies are awesome
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03/27/2012 02:21 PMPosted by Bruno
Why the f*** is the my little pony thread longer than this one??

You don't know the power of the internet, do you?

1- Its from The Hub
2- Did you even watched it?
3- Ponies are awesome

The real world has limited my knowledge of this "internet." Maybe that's why I don't watch little pony shows. I'm also a man which is also why I don't watch little pony shows.
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