Will humanity be its own end?

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11/07/2011 06:26 PMPosted by PeterM
With the recent 7 billion population mark, I'm worried that we're straying dangerously close to the earth's carrying capacity. This doesn't mean it's the end though. We just need to start applying some human inginuity.

Soon enough the world WILL reach a 'supply cap'.

How this works can be found in a lot of ecosystems.

1-Food is readily/easily available (Not true everywhere of course)
2-Population grows exponentially
3-Population suddenly exceeds available food.
4-RAPID decrease in population (Famine)
5-Population is suddenly much smaller
6-return to step 1

We (industrialized nations) are at step 2.
'Third world' countries are at about/almost to step 3. In some/lots of places food is brought and distributed by humanitarian aid groups (from industrialized nations). This will not work once the industrialized nations start to have serious food supply problems.
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The ocean is actually the worlds largest CO2 'sink' and holds a LOT of it.

It's pretty massive yeah, Algae reportedly converts more CO2 to O2 than all the forests combined, as it is like...EVERYWHERE.
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take that, coral
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Matter-to-energy conversion. Instantly solves our energy crisis and destroys the majority of our trash. Gasoline and coal become obsolete, electric cars dominate the market. Global warming comes to a halt.

Matter/Energy batteries. Like protoss pylons, these crystals are made of a pseudo matter-energy that can be easilly converted into either one. This solves the problem of storing the huge energy we make from Matter-to-energy conversion.

Energy-To-Matter conversion. We can build anything, atom by atom. Self Explanitory. We can make all the gold, uranium, steel, kevlar, etc. we want. Currency becomes pointless, it becomes just another peice of paper that can be replicated over and over on the quantum scale. Protoss Pylons become the new currency.

Spacebending. Allows for faster-than-light travel without breaking any laws. Also enables antigravity, artificial gravity, etc, which eliminates the need for huge rockets. It also enables teleportation.

With artificial gravity in place, space colonies can be created and humans can FINALLY leave the earth alone.

All of these creations are not far away, we just gotta do some more studying. Hope we get all those done in time.
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The protoss are awsome, but they lack human creativity. Combine Human creativity with protoss technology, everything becomes possible.

We can dematerialize stars to obtain massive quantities of energy, allowing us to make our own planets to live on. Or we can make planet-ships, giant space fortresses that make use of their entire volume to house populations (unlike planets, which only use their surface area). Like the death star, but bigger and easier to create. We just need a planet gate, a huge energy-to-matter converter, to create them for us.

And again, the protoss are awesome, they just need to realize the full potential of their technological knowlege.
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