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Watching BlizzCon, am I the only one that feels that the Warhound artwork isn't up to Blizzard standards? The Thor artwork is amazing, and it sounds like it will be relegated to a unit that is almost never used. I'd almost rather see the Thor made smaller and a new super-unit created to replace it.
The new Protoss super-flyer also looks a little off...

I totally dig the Hellion transform though.
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I like the new protoss flyer though I agree on the hellhound... I would rather they give the hellhound the goliath's look whilst keeping the hellhound's abilities. Also we should make the hellhound a transformation from the scv :P. They look similar.
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War Hound needs to look cool. Like METAL GEAR REX COOL. The current model looks like it could fall over too easily.

Zerg need another new unit.But what? Maybe a scary-looking melee unit?

Something with large looking claws,crawls on it's belly,has blood all over and screeches really loud when you select it.......Oh wait too violent.
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Sounds like the Ultralisk.
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I'm conflicted. It looks VERY Terran honestly, but I'm not a fan of the move to more robots in the Terran arsenal. The Thor was cool, the Viking was pushing it, and I feel like the Battle Hellion jumped the shark. The Warhound, while cool and VERY Terran-like, seems like a shift to a more mecha gundam robot Terran army. I'm not quite sure I like that honestly.
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The concept is fine but it looks like crap. Remodel it into a modified Goliath.
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it looks like one of the early concept arts for the thor.
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10/23/2011 12:19 AMPosted by xDarKLighTx
Agreed with the Goliath. Same basic structure, just modify weaponry to accommodate game play function as necessary.
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It needs to look beefier. The other Terran mechs have that rugged, heavy, terran feel to them. Right now the warhound looks like it couldn't stand up to a strong wind much less a Siege tank. If they just bulk it up, especially around the legs I think its a fine addition to the terran arsenal.
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Cool concept, terrible model. Definitely not up to blizzard standards. I hope that more people make this clear.
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I agree, it should look 67% cooler.
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Its lack of symmetry for its arms/shoulders bother me, and the chest portion looks too scv-ish.
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it looks terrible. I would much rather see a Goliath or a smaller version of the Thor
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I would have to agree, it looks kinda lame.
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To those who dont like it, have you all seen the video of it in action? Because it looks much better in the game.
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I completely agree with the OP. I find the Warhound's design to be very unappealing.

It just doesn't seem to work to me. I look at it and I can't decide what it's function is, it doesn't really read well to me. It's got so much going on, a rifle arm, some sort of missile pack, satelite dish and weird shield things on it's elbow.

I don't see how those shields would provide any sort of useful armour given the overall size of the unit and furthermore it doesn't seem like a dexterous enough design to maneuver something like a shield around to deflect attacks.

The unit just seems to look clumsy, ineffectual and feels as if it was designed by a five year old. Now granted, the Terran have a certain "cranky" or "clunky" industrial aesthetic to their units but I feel other units like the siege tank and viking seem so much more well thought out in design while still retaining a rough mechanical feeling.

I'd honestly rather see them just bring back the Goliath model or use that as more of a jumping off point for design versus the Warhound.

I also find that seeing it in action only makes it seem weaker too. I find the laser shot looks very weak but also seems a bit out of sorts with the Terran.

When you look at most units in the Terran arsenal they mostly use ballistic weaponry (marines use guns, tanks fire shells, etc.). I feel this is a successful aspect of Terran design which helps keep their design philosophy more "low sci-fi", or analog/down to earth to contrast against the more "high sci-fi" or fantastic elements of the alien races (in particular Protoss).

I don't mean to say the Terran couldn't (lore wise) possess the ability to build a laser gun (or taser or whatever it is). I only mean to say that looking at those preview vids I find the Warhound's attack to feel both WEAK and out of place with the rest of the Terran arsenal.

Essentially, what it comes down to is that I find the Warhound to be a very unappealing unit in design. My initial reaction was that I honestly hated it and found it very disappointing as far as new unit reveals go. Given the pedigree of Blizzard as a company and how talented their art department is I feel that a unit like the Warhound could be reworked into something far more impressive.
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10/30/2011 02:00 PMPosted by Beetlebum
The unit just seems to look clumsy

Accurate. I've always felt it looks very frail. All of the Terran units look bulky and thick, the Warhound... Not so much.
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10/30/2011 05:30 PMPosted by Sheppard
The unit just seems to look clumsy

Accurate. I've always felt it looks very frail. All of the Terran units look bulky and thick, the Warhound... Not so much.

The only thing that looked small and frail was the vulture bike and that was designed for speed.

Personally, I rather just keep the current incarnation of the Thor we have in WoL with some tweaks like changing it's anti air attack(or buff it with an upgrade), removing the 250mm cannon ability, and removing the energy bar it has.
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