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I don't like the idea of the unit and I don't like the model. I much prefer the WoL Thor to the Warhound.
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It looks fine. The Thor was too bulky and cumbersome, anyway.
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It would be better if they made it look sort of like a mechaized version of a mideval siege tower. About the same size as a Siege Tank, but taller (ie siege tank with thinner off-center gun..the ground attack and a tower of missile batteries)


Also perhaps rename it.
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10/22/2011 07:52 PMPosted by Subsourian
I'm conflicted. It looks VERY Terran honestly, but I'm not a fan of the move to more robots in the Terran arsenal. The Thor was cool, the Viking was pushing it, and I feel like the Battle Hellion jumped the shark. The Warhound, while cool and VERY Terran-like, seems like a shift to a more mecha gundam robot Terran army. I'm not quite sure I like that honestly.

Finally someone I can completely agree with
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For some reason, I would like them to exploit the old viking concept, or Wyrm into a fast moving assault/harassment unit (only the ground version). The model looked sleek and well done, and should have the Gatling guns are something similiar that can attack air and ground, just more as an overall fast movement assault unit, in tired of the Terran trying to get bigger and bigger, thors and warhounds have purpose, but adding more bulk seems alittle to unthought of, see what I mean?
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The "art" of the Warhound looks fine to me, but it definantly looks way too scrawny. It lacks that clunky, bulky Terran theme. It is too skinny and stands too tall. Its just doesn't have the neccecary rugged terran look .

Blizz guys, we dont want avatars. We want Warhounds.
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warhound looks awful
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Terrible terrible design. It'll make other races more powerful simply because they'll want to destroy that piece of crap faster and ease the pain of seeing it in action.
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my inital thoughts were very much like you guys but i think it can be salvaged with a few changes. first of all remove the rocket pod and reduce the scale on the dish. make a bigger rocket pod (6 pods instead of 2) and mount it as the left arm instead of the transformers fist.

next, change the stupid looking pistol arm. it somehow shoots a dinky looking little projectile with a blue trail. what it needs (this will also counterbalance the weight of the rocket pod arm.) is a big coil/rail cannon with a clear definable longish barrel. replace the projectile with a single rail of the diamond back attack but thicker. give the attack sound some bass too.

now shorten and widen it slightly

tada same unit now looks/feels like a badass mech and not a Y scaled scv with !@#$ taped on
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Warhound looks strange in the starcraft universe. Though not as bad as the oracle in my opinion at least the warhound looks like a unit. The oracle looks like flying space debris along with it's little brother the replicant.
Also don't really like battle hellion the concept of a buggy transformer is just a little too silly for my taste.

Though the Zerg turned out awesome they look like real creatures. The models actually look like the they took time to make , unlike a lot of other races units that look like someone slapped a bunch of terran and protoss parts together and called it a unit.>.>
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ill agree with you there ^ the new protoss units look very strange and the hellion transform is pushing it
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Anyone got a link for me?
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sounds silly, but the slender design may go with the fact that its supposed to be agile, or at least have decent running speed... logically big honking legs are just going to slow it down, like the thor


since they are going all mechwarrior on us, even just looking at what the mechs look like in that game, majority of them have the long slender "horse legs" ...very few of them have stumpy legs like the Thor, and if they do, they are usually the slower ones anyways

i do agree with the fact that it kind of looks like it may topple over in game (even from its own fire even lol)
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warhound=damn ugly, I'm pretty sure its a psychological weapon designed to detour zerg from building mutas so that they never have to look at the warhound.
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10/23/2011 12:38 AMPosted by xDarKLighTx
Agreed with the Goliath. Same basic structure, just modify weaponry to accommodate game play function as necessary.

Yeah, I'd like the old goliath model!
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What i'm honestly not liking is that blizzard has not acknowledged this yet. They haven't said anything about changing the model. If they would somehow show us that they know it looks like spare scv parts, i would feel at ease.
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warhound looks like complete shiet.

it has the design from 1990 er something like that. blizzard should definitely change it. looks like an old model of a mech warrior....
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Agreed, the warhound doesnt look very good in my opinion. They should deff. make it look better.
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TBH battle hellion looks more beefier then warhound
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I agree , the warhound isnt very "terran" it is a skinny metal pole with a gun but as u said it IS salvagable it just needs to be bigger but not huge and the diamondback rifle awsome idea BUT it needs more damage to ground or better attack speed or it will just be another muta counter. The terran need an all use unit OTHER than the marine (of course) M&M&M is great but i need to have a decent 4th unit that does more than shoot air
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