A bunch of space-games & movies battle!

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The Competitors
Mass Effect I - III
Star Wars I - VI
Starcraft I - II
Star Trek (All of it?)
Battlestar Galactica?

Now, I'm not very knowledgable about Star Trek or Battlestar, so I'll just list out the weapons for Halo, Starcraft, Mass Effect, and Star Wars

Death Star
Star Destroyers
Battle droids/Clones

Protoss battle fleets
Zerg swarm (We know their power)
Terran Battlecruisers and tanks and whatnot
OP Marines? (Just kidding)


All the interspace fleets
The Geth
Collectors / Evil space robot cuttlefish [COUGH]reapers[COUGH]

Friggin' Halo Array
The UNSC Fleet
Covenant spaceships and crap

So, that's what I got. Let the debate begin. Personally, sheer numbers make the reapers seem quite intimidating compared to everything else.

Also, did anyone ever notice this?
Terrans : UNSC
Protoss : Covenant
Zerg : Flood

Just a thought.
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Star wars was set 'a long long time ago' as opposed to everything else which is set in the future...

And the technology stated is either equal or greater than, depending on which time period it is for star wars (you can go 100,000 years b4 episode 4 and there is still stuff on it, and up to 200 years after it)

The technological advancements since then would be incredible

And they have trillions of soldiers

Star wars wins hands down.
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Rofl asked me for proof about how protoss can use cloaking by bending time and space

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The Tyranids consume everyone the end.
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Jimmy Raynor, Commander Shepherd, Obi-wan, Captain Kirk, Master Chief; they will all team up and !@#$ everything that anything ever. Ever. Anything. There's just. Ever.

And it would all start out as, "Hey look, a Human."
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11/26/2011 10:43 AMPosted by McInAction
The Tyranids consume everyone the end.

Yep, he totally missed Warhammer40k, need to put in the imperium, orks, necrons, and of course some tyranids to show zerg how its done.
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Star Wars hands down
TBH Star Wars has been here the longest and has the most "history" written down while starcraft has been here around 15 years?
Technically it all depends on who is in charge
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Rebels versus Raynor's Raiders, winner: Raynor's Raiders, the amount of equipment the rebels have is pretty low, Raynor has a heavily modified behemoth class battlecruiser, which normally are 9 KM long with heavy shielding, now add the modifications, and we get a single handed destruction of the entire rebel fleet.

Empire Fleet versus Dominion Fleet , winner: Empire, the dominion doesn't have the numbers to take on the empire.

Empire Fleet versus Protoss Fleet, winner: Protoss, Motherships can create Blackholes and Manipulate Time and Space, hiding an entire fleet near them, and there isn't just one, there are dozens, Carriers can use their planetary glassing capabilities on ISDs

Empire Planetary Forces versus Zerg Planetary Forces, winner: Zerg, the Empire's "best troops" (QFT from Ep 6) got their !@#es handed to them by a bunch of walking teddy bears, now imagine the Zerg, even Zerglings would tear apart Storm Troopers, and an Ultralisk would simply just slam into an AT-AT and destroy it. A lore roach is like the size of a humvee and can spit acid capable of melting through tank armor.

Seperatist Army versus Zerg Swarm (on ground), Winner Zerg, Battledroids are a joke, even if they were a solid steel pole, a 200 (ish) lb Zergling, flinging itself at 65-80 mph against it would knock it down. Drodeikas look like they could pose a problem, but it seems that large amounts of kinetic energy can destroy their shields fairly easily, so an ultralisk could literally jump on them to kill them. Super Battle Droids, these are also a joke, they are not very stable at all, I'm pretty sure a roach would kill them quickly. Hailfire Droids, an ultralisk would tear them apart, most of the tanks and stuff like that would be !@#$ed by Ultralisks come to think of it.

You obviously only based this info on the movies
Here is the real stuff:

and there is plenty more where that came from
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Okay...???...I'm not comparing Dark Troopers/Sun Crushers/Force Storms to anything...also...

Sun Crusher is my favorite Star Wars piece of !@#$ ever conceived here's why:

11/26/2011 09:38 AMPosted by Fluppuple
Sun Crusher, lol, I looked it up it fires torpedos at a star to cause it supernova, here's where science is a total !@#$, if you fire a torpedo at a sun, it would take several minutes at lightspeed to reach it, then the heat and gravitational force of the sun would cause it detonate on it's own, the chromosphere, one of the outermost layers of the sun has a temperature of around 20,000 K, 8 times hotter than (ish) than Thermite, this sort of temperature is so extreme, there are no elements that can remain solid there, now lets not forget the gravity, after being pulled through an INSANELY hot layer of the sun, the now plasma-fied torpedo, will arrive at the core, which is so dense it's solid, which means that the torpedo will just sort of settle around the core, harmlessly. Also any star which is capable of supernova would be incapable of having life in it's solar system. And to bring it back to stracraft...the Sun-Crusher was destroyed by a black hole, the mothership makes black holes, bye sun-crusher.

it's a literal impossibility.

True, but you forgot the rest of the arsenal of the Empire
The rebels actually had some technology from the Republic
and also your forgot about the Xel Naga for starcraft and many other nations/empires/republics in Star Wars
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