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Considering the whole universes, Star Trek rapes without question. They've got an omnipotent being at least once per season, plus the Q continuum, plus tech of the week.

However, without superbeings, just the Empire from Star Wars stomps everything with 1% of their fleet and military.
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Also, did anyone ever notice this?
Terrans : UNSC
Protoss : Covenant
Zerg : Flood

And yes, that actually came up in a debate on another thread I frequent lol.

Also most of Starcraft is inspired by Warhammer as well. And as you pointed out, yes, Halo was probably inspired by Starcraft and Warhammer, to some degree.
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11/26/2011 05:55 PMPosted by Fluppuple
Protoss would !@#$, their Carriers/Motherships, and we don't know a damn thing about tempests yet, would !@#$ 1% of the Imperial Fleet.

The Empire has millions of ships. 1% would be like 100 Star Destroyers, each with power exponentially greater than a fleet of glassing-carriers. /thread.
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25,000 Star Destroyers. not vessels.
"At its peak, it fielded millions of warships, logistics vessels and fighters, maintaining Imperial control throughout the galaxy."

Not to mention that 250 ISD's is overkill, considering they can wreck carriers and motherships with weak turbolaser shots. A SSD, especially the Eclipse, Sovereign, or anything else with a superlaser is also overkill.
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I call BS. 10 million square miles my !@# lol, no planet is even that big. Furthermore, it's been shown that they need multiple Carriers to purify a world. While obviously carriers could store more than they did during game-play, I've never seen a source where they carry more than a few dozen.

The Imperial Star Destroyer, on the other hand, has:

*5 heavy turbolaser batteries
An average turbolaser on a frigate has an output of 200 gigatons per shot, which is more than enough to crack the crust of a planet, atomize the topsoil, and cause a planetary extinction.
Heavyturbolasers are even more powerful.

Already, the rest of it's armament become irrelevant, but I'll add it anyway:

*8, octuple turoblaser turrets.
*31 additional turbolaser batteries
*Ion cannons, which have an EMP-like effect, and are particularly useful against shields
*tractor beam projector

It also has a compliment of 72 fighters, and 5 gunboats, as well as shielding that can resist several million gigatons of energy before it overloads. Most corvettes and larger are made out of durasteel, and incredibly hard metal. While turbolasers are more than enough to destroy it, I doubt most of the weapons of SC could.
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11/26/2011 06:23 PMPosted by Fluppuple
Because both are fantasy universes, we can't accurately get at certain information, Star Wars information has been well documented luckily, but Starcraft, having 2 Computer Games and a couple Book Series using it's universe is not, so we can make assumptions based on what information we have and real life information at best.

We do know that it takes thousands of the Terran's most powerful nuclear warheads to just kill all the life. We also know that it takes multiple carriers a good amount of time to glass a planet.

11/26/2011 06:23 PMPosted by Fluppuple
also, the ISDs total built was 25K, so at any given time, there was probably not 25K fielded, considering that many were lost in combat.

Over 25k was the number of ISD's fielded at the very highest amount. So yes, they were all active and in service. There were also, as I showed you, millions of frigates, corvettes, and fighters with them.
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Ahh of course. I'm thinking of miles in diameter :3

And as for that, first of all, during a glassing operation, they don't glass every bit of the planet, just penetrate the crust so magma can do the rest. Furthermore, where did you get that it had 50 carriers? Finally, where does it say it only took minutes?
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t took very little time for a planet to be glassed actually, minutes. And I'm not really comparing Terran here, Protoss fleet and 1% Imperial Navy

I know you aren't, but I was giving you an example of the feats in SC. Yes, there still aren't many, but they are there if you look.

11/26/2011 06:44 PMPosted by Fluppuple
to generate enough power to glass 10 million square miles of a planet, would mean that a protoss carrier could easily annihilate an ISD with one shot of it's cannon, if they line up, probably more.

I don't think they can do that much damage, as I stated in my other post. Not to mention it didn't only take a few minutes. Finally, one turbolaser shot can yield even more devastating results to a planet.

11/26/2011 06:47 PMPosted by Fluppuple
where is your source for all this information, I've been scrolling around on wookipedia for awhile now and I can't find anything saying the amount of force used...where???

It states it on this page about the Acclamator troop transport/assault ship:


"These ships were armed with 4 heavy torpedo launch tubes; 24 point-defense laser cannons, rated at 6 megatons per shot; and 12 quad turbolaser turrets, each rated at a maximum of 200 gigatons per shot. They were also armed with concussion missiles."
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Well I never said mini EMP's, I said similar to EMP's.

Here's a quote slightly lower on probably the same page you saw:

"These particles seriously interfered with the operation of electronics and computer systems, shorting circuits and often disabling them outright. The actual physical damage would sometimes result in fused joints on machines, due to the heat produced."

A little lower, and it says this:

"As a result, ion cannons were the weapon of choice for subduing, rather than destroying, enemy starships, vehicles, shields, or droids."
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