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New Thread, in the Joey Ray's Bar forum, it's a more logical place for a thread like this.

going there. Won't let me quote the link o.O
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11/29/2011 10:07 AMPosted by RuneK
What does blunt force trauma have to do with the armor-piercing of rounds? They're so vastly different.

Well seeing as these Zerg can tank several "hypersonic, tank shedding, super duper rifle rounds", then they should be getting torn to shreds in the space station, along with just about every other cinematic. If their hide was tough enough to withstand such rounds, which i doubt, then they certainly wouldn't get killed by a redneck in his jeep which wasn't even moving very fast...

11/29/2011 10:10 AMPosted by RuneK
The SC games do that too. Maybe not a "he" but "they" works just as well.

It's the same thing in the SW movies. I wonder if they (Obi-Wan, Anakin, and his girlfriend) will make it out of the coliseum alive? I wonder if the Rebellion will be able to blow up this new Death Star? You can't confuse things that happen within a plot to be inexcusable canon feats.
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In the SC1 cinematic Zerglings appear to dodge bullets moving 5 times the speed of sound, (Hypersonic means Mach 5 right?), the "Lasers" in SW move very slowly no matter what, definitely not Mach 5, probably not even 100 mph (like 30 ish) A Zergling will !@#$ing dodge every shot a storm trooper fires. If they can dodge a barely visible hypersonic round, they can dodge a glowing red beam moving at 30 Mph towards them.

hypersonic is 5x speed of sound or greater.
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Edit for the above posters: Blasters in SW are not lasers they fire charged gas.

Startrek ships can fire while in warp, Starwars and starcraft AND 40k ships cannot. Nothing can HIT trek ships.

Personally I despise both startrek and starwars but have the privilege of listening to two fanboys arguing about it constantly.

In the end it doesnt matter, Second foundationeers control everything you do anyway.
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How can you even COMPARE star wars to starcraft. If everyone in starcraft teamed up against everyone teamed up in starwars, Starcraft would win by a longshot.

The Empire might have a massive army, but you are forgetting they have far inferior technology. The Empire has lasers, but thats it. Jedi are a joke. You can compare them to Zealots. They both have Psi powers (Zealots do, look it up) And Zealots have dual blades, and they won't die either. They will teleport to safety. The force Is inferior to a storm covering a massive area that will rip your brain to pieces.
In space a large army of those battleships would fall to a large army of Phoenixes and Voids.
Then on land anything would beat them. Its a tough one, but probes would beat a bunch of storm troopers. Think about it, they have shields which absorb fatal blows, then they fire vaporising electric lasers. The death star might charge up and fire a deathly laser, but the Mothership Fires them every shot. Carriers Plow through a Army like no tomorrow.

The Rebel Alliance is like a weaker version of the Empire. Terrans have really good technology too. If they sent a bunch of marines into battle, game over. Thats all they need. The Rebel alliance doesn't even have a air force too.

The Zerg would Disintegrate the confederacy. no hope. The Confederacy will burn to ashes. If they went against the protoss or terran the same thing would happen. The Zerg would swarm (lol) everything, burn every world in sight.

If it devolved into a massive army vs army fight, then Starcraft would win, no problem. The Protoss' warp in an army right into theirs, The Terran send a BC, and the Zerg send whatever the heck they want. (probably a few Hydras :)

Basically, SW would lose a hopeless fight. I don't see how it is a fair fight indeed.

oh, you do not know this very well i believe.

the technology is by no means inferior. lasers are lasers. when you construct disintigrater laser in star craft, please tell me. theys in star wars, and can ignore shields. also, lasers burn through shields, and storm troopers can survive a minor electric shock, otherwise R2-D2 would have won all by itself. and since the force is everything (even the yuuzhan vong, they just were forcibly removed from it [long story]), they could split blood vessels in the high templiars brains while on the other side of the planet. plus they do not have a structured mana system, meaning they cant do only two of those doomsday storms. also, look up force storm, it blows up ships bigger than the executer (big thing in 'the empire strikes back' and 'return of the jedi').
in star wars, ion cannons do not do any physical damage (unless your an organic, which any high powered thing is considered harmful), but rather stun things. granted, they can destroy the shields fast and have the voids do there thing, but some 15 meter long things will die kinda quickly to something that is a couple miles long (roughly 8 kilometers, i believe. cant remember the exact mesurement) and the mother ship is not the size of a moon, in fact its roughly the size of the laser itself. big, big, big laser. it destroys planets. how would a ship survive it? and the rebellion had an air force. x-wings dont count, but tie fighters do? what about e-wings, a-wings, k-wings, t-wings, b-wings, defenders and the modified tie fighters? do they not count? and the snow speeders? they cant leave atmosphere. logic implodes. and in an army vs army fight, like all for one, winner takes all, star wars would win. the confederacy/grand army of the republic would win. about 15 million or so battle droids and a couple million bred killers can beat some near jedi, attack dogs, and pyscopaths, even if they are in roughly even numbers.

and proton torpedos are banelings on steroids. like uber steroids. they are about 3x the size, 15x the detonation, 15x the distance, 15x the speed. so yes, how you can even compare, i dont know :)
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Edit for the above posters: Blasters in SW are not lasers they fire charged gas.

Startrek ships can fire while in warp, Starwars and starcraft AND 40k ships cannot. Nothing can HIT trek ships.

Personally I despise both startrek and starwars but have the privilege of listening to two fanboys arguing about it constantly.

In the end it doesnt matter, Second foundationeers control everything you do anyway.

in halo they can fire while in warp, its just highly (very highly, youd die before theyd yell at you though) spoken against.
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the tyranids have consumed a dozen or so GALAXIES of stuff and turned that into more tyranids
id say 40k wins
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Dude the MD Device from Ender's Game kills all of them in like 0 seconds

And its based in actual reasonable science

The MD Device can be sot from a single small ship and will completely iradicate any planet or ship that it strikes, if it strikes a capital ship it will spread to every other capital ship in millions of miles and from there it will spread equally from each of them

If it strikes a planet it will spread even farther
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nerd battle
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Okay, lets look at the Ewok/Zergling comparison:
Approx Weight, 50 kg
Approx Height, 1 Meter
Approx Speed, they seem slowish, but I'll be fair and give them 10 Mph.
Weapons, Crude Bow, Crude Axe, Rock, Glider, Catapult, Fire, probably some weak claws
Defenses, Earthen Fortifications, Leather, Bones, Fur, Strength Equal to a Human, or more.
Tactical Knowledge, Capable of making complex traps to entangle/crush/stun/fling/capture enemies. Oh and they worship a droid.
Approx Weight, doesn't say, says size of large dog, between 60-120 kg, lets call it 100.
Approx Height, 1 Meter
Approx Speed, faster than most land animals on earth, I'll call it 30 Mph
Weapons, Razor Sharp Claws capable of ripping through Tank Armor. Which Means very sharp, and probably swung at very high force. Spikes that cover their body.
Defenses, A body/carapace capable of taking multiple bullet wounds and then regenerating them rather quickly.
Tactical Knowledge, Little More than animals on their own, however in swarms, they exhibit keen tactical senses and move as a swarm.

now lets imagine the following scenarios:

Forest, one Ewok, one Zergling, Zergling runs at Ewok, who can get an arrow or two off at a Zergling, slams full force into Ewok, who if they didn't die from having a ball of spikes twice its weight slam into it, would be then mauled.

Forest, thirty Ewoks+one Catapult, 30 Zerglings, Zerglings charge, probably one to two die from a catapult hit. The volley of arrows fired by Ewoks would probably bounce harmlessly off considering the Zergling hide can take bullets without a dramatic change in performance. Ewoks mauled to death.

600vs600, Ewoks use catapults to kill dozens of Zerglings outright, the remaining Ewoks probably do very little to damage, maybe killing an additional 50 Zerglings, but in the end the Zerglings can quickly maul the Ewoks.

Cheetahs can run up to 70 mph...
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The Lombaxs. They would Rip You a New One. Seriously though I am going to say Star Trek because the Physics of it make a little more sense then the other ones.
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Star Trek would kill all combined... The simple ability to shoot in warp is all they need.
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Stargate's Ascended Ancient would win
I don't even think I would have to pull out the wraith fleet, with Zpm's, all the Asurans, SG-1 plus the Daedulus and Apollo, the ori fleet, a couple of ha'taks, and you know what I'll just recreate some replicators too.
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@sebation im a stargate fan, yeah that would win XD
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