Probably my favorite part of the lore is reading about and thinking about the Troll Wars (year -2,800).

However, since there's such a back story to it before it occurs (such as the exile of the high elves and forming of the Arathi Empire), I think how the book (or potentially books) should be set up should be:

1. First section a brief section of what the highborne did to get exiled, and then the exiling itself (year -7,300)

2. Next section would be about their changing of appearance and coming to Tirisfal and going mad, and then setting out to to from Que'Thalas and the Sunwell. Also this section should describe their initial struggles with the trolls. Oh and this section should talk about their notice of the nomadic humans.

3. This section should shift to -2800 and pick up right after the Arathi Empire is formed (but discuss a little bit how it came to be, whether in a series of paragraphs, or maybe a character talking about it). This section should mainly be about the elves coming to the humans for help, and then go on from their to describe the war in detail.

Throughout each section, there should also be switched perspectives such as alternating between the trolls' perspective as well as the humans/elves (kind of like how they switched back and forth between Alliance and Horde in the Tides of Darkness novel)

Kinda seems like this should maybe be split into two books. What do you guys think of this idea?