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Lost Viking, anybody ever beat that??

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I went on the SC2 map editor and made it so that I had 100 lives in the Lost Viking game.

I came out with 5 left, and I ACTUALLY TRIED to win.

I didn't get any achievements for it though.

Has anybody ever beaten the Lost Viking game? I never even came close.

Even Stetmann never won the game ("I'll go waste some credits on Lost Viking" he says)
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11/18/2011 03:58 PMPosted by EugeneTwo
"I'll go waste some credits on Lost Viking"

That always made me laugh. I'm hoping there won't be anything like that in HotS. That 500k goal was tough! Irritatingly so.

For me... Wide spread weapon, 2 battle buddy drones, and lots of bombs.

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You mean levels 1-3?

It's not actually meant to be beaten, it goes on for as long as you keep pressing continue every 3 levels. Once you have the Terran Tron gold achivement, you can just quit.
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I only got to the first boss,got him to half health then died. LOLOLOL
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11/30/2011 03:07 PMPosted by Retloclive
There are like 10 people altogether who have all the possible Starcraft 2 achievements so you know at least THEY did it. lol

I have lost viking: gold, and I have nowhere near all the SC2 achievements.
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I was able to finally beat the Terra-tron and reach level 4 after trying it again recently. Even when you reach level 4 you will only have about 200,000 points so to get the Gold achievement you'd have to run the 3 races three times and you should have enough points around level 9.

There are like 10 people altogether who have all the possible Starcraft 2 achievements so you know at least THEY did it. lol

All StarCraft 2 achievements? I thought my life was sad...I won't have all of them before HotS comes out, probably not even before LotV..

LOL Search tommylove in the search thingy at the top. Look at his profile.
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I've got the 500,000 gold achievement for it so it is possible...but it is really hard. >.< I actually broke my left arrow butten and had to by a new keyboard, but I needed a better keyboard anyway.

Edit** I believe I did as follows:

Protoss level, get double shield things and double plasma
Zerg level collect bombs
Terran level get quadra missiles.
The last item before terratron get plasma back.
Always replace any lost shield things and collect as many bombs as possible when you have the other upgrades.
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...replay, replay, replay, replay, replay, replay, replay...

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Practice on one of these
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