Futuristic Supermaterials

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Discuss ways on how we can use our current understanding of science to enhance our everyday materials, and create new ones that are well-suited for some of our futuristic achievments.

I'm talking:
-Space Travel
-FTL warp transit (Faster Than Light)
-Teleportation, and the stresses involved with it
-Time Dialation, the slowdown of time to keep the speed of light constant
-Controlled Nuclear Fusion
-Matter-to-energy conversion
-Superpowered particle accelarators, better than what we have now
-Materials that can resist the extremes of nature, such as exo-planet climates

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carbon is the future, once we can force it into a perfect structure, everything else will be obsolete.
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The future is now;

There's been the development of a new material, utilizing nanoscale engineering to build tubes of a specific formula of metal into a mesh which has individual fibres each thinner than a thousandth of a human hair, and is incredibly strong, resiliant and flexible while weighing next to nothing.

The metal is around 99.99% air, and has a mass of less than 1% that of a similar volume of styrofoam.


Has some really interesting implications; lightweight batteries, super-strong lightweight building materials, flexible body armour which weighs no more than regular clothes.

Woah o.o
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A grouping of 4 thick bamboo rods can withstand more lateral force than concerete while providing the compressive power needed to hold up similar weights. BONUS: one fails? No big deal! When concrete cracks? Good game.

I find it interesting also that spiders web has a tensile strength stronger than steel.

If you think about it, especially with relation to what Astrai said, our metalluragy is still rather oafish. It's not exactly leaps and bounds different than the bronze ages, we have just refined the same idea and used different materials.

Possibly the biggest issue is commerce. It is far cheaper, even if it was far more impractical, to keep using the same ol'. Paradigm shifts aren't exactly something humanity is great at, especially when the economy has such a stalwart and dominating presence in what materials are used where, especially in a world of "lowest bidder."

Humanity. Ugh.
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