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The popularity system isn't just flawed, it's not just destroying the mapmaking community, it's downright insulting.

The wc3 and sc1 systems were self-run. Players hosted what they wanted to play. If people wanted to play it, they joined it. If it was fun, they rehosted, or got someone else to rehost.

The game would be on the list consistently of its own accord. WE decided what was popular, WE decided what we wanted to play, and WE determined what was the current fad.

Now, Blizzard gives us a list and tells us "people like this right now, people want to play this right now, this is the current fad."

Honestly, we should all be insulted that the popularity system is essentially Blizzard telling us what we want. We aren't a bunch of children who need you to hold our hand every step of the way.

If I'm not mistaken, it's been 492 days since the official release. 492 days. That's a long time. And what have we been given?

A few new categories that didn't change a single thing, and promised changes in the expansion that sound like they won't be anything different. And by the time HotS comes out, if it comes out in April as projected, it will have been 21 months. 21 months, of people in outrage EVERY SINGLE DAY, and that's all we get.

Honestly, I have no reason to buy a single Blizzard game ever again, if they're so bent on neglecting their fanbase.
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I agree with OP. In Brood Wars, all you had to do was click "Custom Games" and you would be presented with a list of people currently hosting the custom game they are trying to play. It's currently not this way in SC2. Seriously, just open up Brood Wars, and search for a Cat n Mouse game. You will be presented with a list of people currently trying to host Cat n Mouse games. You click on whatever cat n mouse game people are playing, join it, and take part in the fun. But with SC2, there is no such thing (to my knowledge). If I want to play Cat n Mouse, I have to search "arcade" games, type in "Cat n Mouse", and create my own lobby, and just wait for people to join. In order to get people to join, I have to spam the chat channels, telling them to join a Cat n Mouse game. Where's the list of currently hosted games?

Right now I'm trying to play a 4v4 FASTEST POSSIBLE MAP game. I've been trying to do so for over an hour. I guess I'm just going to go back to Brood Wars, where I could just see a list of all the people trying to host said games, and then joining it. I don't care who's playing Nexus Wars.
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Don't necro year old threads.
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