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Bring back the UED!

I can recall that as well. I really hope he isn't infested though..

you mean that he gets reinfested, i dont think so
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... Stukov was infested [before]?
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12/12/2011 04:14 PMPosted by Azire

12/12/2011 07:58 PMPosted by Sheppard
... Stukov was infested [before]?

12/05/2011 07:41 PMPosted by Ivan
and this is why Stukov is and not was Russian:
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Thanks for the link...

"Blizzard ReactionEdit
When asked to comment on Resurrection IV years after it was released, Andy Chambers described Infested Stukov as the result of an experiment for the zerg in terms of infesting humans as leaders.[7]

SC:L Metzen Interview - Lore Exclusive
by Chris Metzen

Are Resurrection IV and the events that occurred within it canon (Existence of Taldarin, Raynor helping Artanis, De-infestation of Stukov and purification of Braxis especially)?
Taldarin is indeed canon. He is one of the greatest warriors of the Protoss. He fought alongside the mighty Adun. Wounded in battle, his body was kept in stasis until the dragoon exoskeleton was created. He was one of the first Protoss to become a dragoon. That said, we have begun to nail down the StarCraft timeline since this map was made, so disregard Taldarin's assertion that he fought alongside Adun three millennia before the events of the Resurrection map. Also, Taldarin's body didn't stay in stasis for several thousand years. Both time periods were significantly shorter than that. We'd rather not get more specific right now lest it interfere with the development of StarCraft II, but rest assured that having a fully fleshed out timeline is definitely our goal. <:

Jim Raynor did indeed work with the Protoss, including Artanis and Taldarin, and Alexei Stukov was indeed freed from the Swarm (thanks to the serum devised by Protoss scientists) long enough for Raynor, Taldarin, and Stukov to get off the planet. At that point, Artanis gave the order to purify (yes, meaning "incinerate" :) the planet of Braxis. That said, Braxis is an ice planet, and so it has since frozen back over.
The Nintendo 64 version of StarCraft has also been referred as "semi-canonical" and Blizzard is only including bits from it.[8] For instance, a reference to a small "renegade" group of terrans and zerg being on Braxis, and it being melted by protoss purification and then refreezing, are found on the official site.[6]"

Interesting. Cool.

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LOL. I have to say that UED were the best to be introduced into BW. Too bad most of you all forgotten at the end of BW's Terran campaign.

Also, if you recall, Terran = Terra = Earth, right? The reason why they still call themselves Terran is because they're reminded of Earth, but they can't always call it Earth II or whatever.

And the UED, at the end of the Terran's campaign, were chased by Zerg. Then there were also a theory that, harden criminal probably last longer on planets that hasn't been terraformed, no?

However, you do have to admit that they did have the professionalism in fighting and simply doing what they have to do. Unlike the Korhal's Terrans, which seem more interested in power grabbing and inter-fighting among themself.

And remember: UED = United Earth Dectorate. :P
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