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Time Portal [Official Thread]

Welcome the Official Thread for Time Portal.

Time Portal is my newest SC2 custom game. It is a portal inspired game where the player must use the mechanics time travel in order to navigate a series of test chambers. If you would like to know more about the game mechanics you can try this link.

Just remember, it may look simple enough at first, but as new powers and obstacles are introduced and compounded the game definitely gets harder. Oh, and don’t worry about not being able to fill the room. It’ a 1 player game, so you are all you need to play. Also, the game saves your scores for each chamber, as well as your progress between play sessions. So you don’t need to beat the game in one session.

The main purpose of this thread is for players to post their score. I am still looking into it, but it looks like all time leader boards might not be possible in the SC2 editor. So instead I will do my best to add top scores manually. Typical forum rules apply, screen shot, or it didn’t happen.

If you have beaten the current lineup of chambers don’t worry I plan on adding additional chambers over time as I continue to refine the game.

Anything else about the game that you would like to discuss is free and open. I hope you enjoy playing Time Portal.
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Cool game, I will definitely keep busy with it for a while. Never seen anything quite like it. Very original. Good job!
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Thanks, all my games get small followings but I definitely think this is my best. I just hope it doesn't get lost in the sea.
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I'm missing something. The third chamber has me completely stumped. I can shield a guy and send him to stand on the door switch, but I can't shield a second guy to actually go through the door.
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The shield bubble can be shared with all marines standing around the carrier. In-fact one of the loading screen images depicts this. I think the hint for that chamber also says something to that effect (but maybe not). Either way, just type "hint" and you will get a small tip about your current chamber. If the hint is not good enough and you are still stumped then feel free to post here and I'll give you a more full tip. ;)
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This game is crazy imaginative! I played for a few hours and love the idea. It's a little glitchy still. Events can play out differently in different timelines even though there should be no events that change the timeline, e.g. you may just miss a window to get a shield in a later timeline even though you successfully got the shield the first time. I'm on level 16 and it's glitching badly on the red insect guys. Sometimes they just pop off the circle for no reason that I can see. I'm assuming the science vessels do something and possibly free them but even keeping the science vessels off the beacon, they still pop off sometimes.

In general the game needs a bit more explanation. There are a lot of things I just had to intuit that are very much not obvious:
- You can change the past! This is the big one that needs explaining. E.g. you can click to go thru a closed door and you will run into the door and go nowhere. But if a future you opens the door at that time, the past you will now be able to run through the door. Think of the timelines as a set of commands, not a series of events.
- Waypoints do not work as you would expect. In general I think you should never use them. I think this is mentioned in the intro screen but players have no context at this point and it is very much not obvious. Can they be disabled in the game to prevent confusion?
- The red bugs need to be kited onto a red circle. Each bug belongs to a specific circle but there is no way to know which one except by trying. Generally the level is won by getting each bug onto its circle.
- The Add Time is non-intuitive but I can't really think of a better way of explaining it. Maybe a level dedicated to the concept that guides you thru it more slowly.
- Big Guns shoot whatever is in their path. Some you need to hold the switch to keep them firing but at least one you only need to click once. There's no way I can see to tell the difference except experimenting.
- Enemies like zealots and marines follow a preset path and attack any of the 'yous' they see, chasing whichever one is closest
- Science vessels I still don't understand exactly. All the little mechanics like this need a bit more explanation

Grats on an awesome concept! I hope this gets some exposure and you keep working on it.
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