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If the PC dies in 5 years

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Then what will blizzard do as far as their games go? Right now a lot of PC manufacturers along with the majority of the people working in the IT industry believe that desktop/laptop computers will soon be replaced by tablets. Signs of this move are already happening (case in point HP announcing they are looking to sell it's PC division). So, what do you guys think blizzard and other PC game companies will do?

What will Steam do if no one is playing on PC's anymore? Will they release a new app for tablet computers?
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PC's will not phase out that soon. To be honest, as much as you see people moving to consoles away from PC, you need to remember a lot of people are also becoming more technologically educated and moving to PC. You could argue PC's were dying out 20 years ago due to consoles..
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Not to mention that PC gaming is huge in Europe, apparently, so it's a pretty north american biased opinion to hold.
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The PC will never be entirely replaced. How are administrative staff supposed to type up documents? What are graphic designers going to use? All that might happen is that PC demand and market share in the consumer industry might shift to other devices.
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Just like Nintendo said back in the 90's saying that handheld will take over console gaming. Look where it is now. Handheld is lacking hardcore (well at least now until the VITA is release) and console gaming is at a all time high. so i highly doubt it
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the PC might become even more high end, but it will always be more powerful than the tablet and thus not able to meet the needs of a large portion of tech-conscious consumers.
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PC will not die out, maybe it will for games but PC will be around for years.
2012 androids or something can detect eye movements for games, so in 10 years of so, it could be possible to play starcraft on your xbox 4 with your mind.

PC gaming goes in waves, near the end of console cycle PC gaming becomes more prevelant, but as soon as next gen comes out PC sales will diminish greatly.
I don't think games will die out completely for PC though. it probably isnt too hard to port a game from console to PC.. but games made for PC will drop as the years go on, unless consoles continue to cater primarily to the kiddie markets.
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Have you seen Nintendo's handheld sales compared to other video game systems? Yes their handheld systems look like crap compared to a new generation console and especially a pc, but Nintendo make BUTTLOADS of money off of them.
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Desktops do all the work, Mobiles and laptops are for play not for work.

PC's aren't going anywhere until that fact changes.
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can i get an anti-flame suit? sounds handy
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I'm so sure that PC's won't become obsolete anytime soon, that I'm willing to bet my desktop!
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ridiculous, pcs aren't going anywhere for a long time. What are u basing

12/14/2011 12:02 AMPosted by Towelie
Right now a lot of PC manufacturers along with the majority of the people working in the IT industry believe that desktop/laptop computers will soon be replaced by tablets

that on?

Anyway, games made for the PC can be easily adapted for tablets. U can connect a mouse and keyboard to a tablet u know.
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