Scholarly Thoughts on the Nydus Canal

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I have a great idea guyz!

Right now when you spawn a Nydus Worm, you can only build one at a time per canal! WTF is this?! Zerg are all about psychologically FREAKING your opponent out! What if you could spawn as many Nydus Worms at the same time as you want, so long as you have the min/gas to cover it!? Your Zerglings run into their base, then JUST TO MESS WITH THEIR HEAD you spawn a Nydus worm at every available 2x2 patch of ground (because obviously the only people who would actually utilize this pseudo-buff would be bronze leaguers with 2000 spare resources at any given time). Even if you didn't have any units to spit out of the worms, it would be so damn cool that it'd be worth it. 10 seconds later and SSSSCCCCCRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EETTTTTTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH NYDUS WORMS EVERYWHERE OMG SO MANY TO KILL HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG GG.

Just like that. Your thoughts?
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I think that's a really cool idea personally
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Except that they would not be able to kill all the worms while they were building, and thus your units would get out of one. Then GG.
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LMAO. 20 Baneling Nydus Worm MAX OUT!
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I think it would also be cool if worms could fly, carry siege tanks and heal my units.
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I think it would also be cool if worms could fly, carry siege tanks and heal my units.

trollin' terrans i see...
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omg, +100000 to you sir, love the idea
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YA that sounds like a great idea. oh and why stop there at the unlimited nydus spots? make em invisible too and deal area dmg to nearby units when it explodes out of the ground.
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