Most useless campaign unit?

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I only used Wraiths once. Ever.
In Shatter the Sky, I clicked on the Leviathan to see if it was a Detector.
I didn't see the little eyeball symbol, so I made 8 Wraiths to kill it quickly.
To my surprise, it ATTACKED, even without using Bio-Stasis.

So even the one time I used them, THEY FAILED.
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Been going through the campaign again and the most useless unit award goes to..........................................................................


Seriously, they can't even fight. Have you ever tried an SCV ball with medics? Complete fail.
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Hellions are hilariously awful. In every area they're 'good', there's a better option. Firebats/Tanks for splash, Vultures for speed.
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Hellions are an awesome replacement to Vultures. But vultures themselves were just as useless.

But srsly, what the ..... is a predator? I saw the portrait and kinda convinced myself it was the seeker missile that ravens use. (since I never used ravens in the campaign, and don't play T in MP)
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But srsly, what the ..... is a predator?

Expensive canon fodder.
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I find Wraiths uselss myself. They are so unreliable in Brutal because every mission has it's on detectors no matter what race you come across. *With the exception of Outbreak, which I skipped Wraiths and used Banshees - A LOT MORE BETTER UNIT.
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Firebats are worthless. I mean, hellions are SO much better, they're faster, they can attack from more range, but Firebats are just....
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In the campaign, I NEVER USED FIREBATS.
NOT ONCE did I build ANY.

Wraiths aren't sad but seriously they are just so fail...
Hellions <<<<< Vultures.



Hercules ships are epic. See the liquipedia on the campaign for more reasons why i think that.

Campaign only units that suck:
Firebat. Wraith. Predator(In comp. to Hercules). Raven(In comp. to SV)[Yes, this counts.].
Spectres are... unique. I prefer ghosts, due to the Cirius suit(SP?)
Wraith costs 150/150, just like a diamond back(which doesn't suck, but it costs 150/150/4 and deals 20 + 20 to armored!!)
Burst Lasers fail at lifeee. 5 wraiths VS BC... Dead BC!
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i think the mostuselesss is the hellion .it will just die in 6 hits from a ghost or a maruader
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I think Wraiths are fine when used alongside Banshees. The only problem is that they're extremely expensive.
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I've used Reapers, Wraiths, Goliaths, and Banshees an exorbitant amount.... Could say I won the campaign that way. Yall's just hatin' on good units

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From least worthless to most worthless

  • Medivac - Medics are better healers and Hercules are better dropships

  • Reaper - Only useful in 3 missions

  • Raven - Science Vessel is better, sorry Raven :(

  • Goliath - Viking or MM is always better

  • Firebat - Some use in the begining, but quickly becomes obsolete

  • Vulture - Only good in it's own mission

  • Helion - same deal with vultures, although reapers are better

  • Diamondback - Too expensive and only good in it's own mission, where siege tanks are better

  • Predator - did anyone actually chosse this?

  • Wraith - fail unit is fail, not even good in its own mission
  • I actually used diamond backs alot, they are great because they were fast and they could attack while they moved. They also did alot of damage.
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    Firebats get replaced easily with pederition turrets.
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    If preds had another 100 hp they could be useful, but like firebats, they drop way too fast once things get heavy. They might actually be useful in melee games...
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    the science vessel sucks so bad, but that dog is even more useless
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    Vultures and Wraiths
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    Kerrigan kills EVERYTHING in one hit. That's not a good litmus test.

    You're missing the point, specifically, the point defense drone, which stops Kerrigan's damage outright. Drop PDDs, roll in banshees, blow her away.

    Just because the Raven is a choice on countering Kerrigan 4-5 times in one mission out of 29 doesn't make it superior.

    PDDs stop just about every ranged attack. Everything that might threaten your battlecruiser mob is countered by 1 spell.

    Science vessels are useful to healing a mech army in pretty much every mission. Just because the Raven is a choice on countering Kerrigan 4-5 times in one mission out of 29 doesn't make it superior. Maw of the Void has no time limit, but it does have a hard resource cap, you have one expansion, whatever you get from your starting base, and the minerals and gas you can pickup from the platforms. That's it.

    The repair speed of the science vessel is pretty much comparable to the travel distance your bcs would have to go to be repaired by scvs, and scvs are much more vulnerable to being destroyed especially by ground forces that cannot target air because they're the only thing to destroy in a BC/SCV situation.

    In any mission withOUT rip fields in it, you can just haul a few SCVs in a Medivac for your repair needs. Sounds like you're the one with the one mission winner choice. Also, in a game with resource limits, I'd think that the ability to spam free auto-turrets and seeker missles might have appeal.
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    In any mission withOUT rip fields in it, you can just haul a few SCVs in a Medivac for your repair needs. Sounds like you're the one with the one mission winner choice.

    Scv's cost money to repair. It also costs your economy to pull workers off the line. Scv's get targeted first on brutal, whereas a SV can sit in the back and heal for free.

    Honestly, Kerrigan is nullified on brutal all-in with a cheap pack of marines/medics. There's no need for PPD to stop her. But hey, we each have a strat, and if it works it works.

    As for the most useless units...I never even built a predator. There's units that do its job better and cheaper. Wraiths are way too expensive for what they bring to the table. Viking/banshee is better. Cloak is also pretty useless on brutal with the amount of detection.
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